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Posted 2017-11-10T13:21:09Z

A Cora Report

Once again, I hope you took "no news" as being "good news" for Cora, because it is.  She's doing just fine.

It seems like a whirlwind started through here a couple of weeks ago and decided to stay for a while.  Aunt Tiby never leaves my radar screen, but I have to admit, I got way sidetracked by personal business and haven't updated the journal in a while. My apologies.  I know many of you like getting updates on this journal.

A 100th birthday update:  Our family gathered on Saturday, October 28 at Parkwood Healthcare Community, where Cora is living temporarily, for Cora's 100th birthday celebration. Of our entire family of 47, all but two who were ill, were able to attend. We met in the Parkwood reception area to honor Cora. Four generations were present. She loved seeing and speaking with each and every family member. She was presented with the surprise birthday card basket and was thrilled. Thanks to each and every one who sent or brought her a birthday card. She received over 70 cards!

As you can imagine, she was dressed to the nines, and looked fabulous. Energized by her loving family, she stayed at the reception almost the entire two hours. Good going, Aunt Tiby!  I would love to share pictures, but my Android phone doesn't like communicating with my Mac notebook.  Usually I can email photos to myself, then post; but even that didn't work this time.  I'll keep trying, and any family members who can email photos to me, please do.

Aunt Tiby had lost her eyeglasses, so I helped her, and we spent Sunday afternoon reading every word of every card.  She loved it.  So did I! Now she has a new pair of glasses and will enjoy reading them again, herself.

Aunt Tiby now has a new cell phone, too, which I'm learning so I can teach her this afternoon.  I thought the new phone was like her old flip phone, but it's not quite.  Our goal is for her to be making and taking calls over the weekend when it's a little slow at Parkwood.

Cora is progressing, little by bit, to use her expression. Sometimes it's one step forward and two steps back, and sometimes it's one step forward and another step forward. But she is generally moving in the right direction. Her lungs are clear after the second bout with pneumonia she had before her birthday.  She is back up for meals and doing physical therapy twice a day. Yay!

I'm still swamped most days with everything involved in selling a house, buying a house and leasing in between, but that will all be settled in a matter of weeks, one step at a time, I tell myself.  We are downsizing to a 2/2 condo for Aunt Tiby and me in the heart of Dallas. I've heard the location called Uptown, Turtle Creek, Oaklawn, and Intown (this one is new to me.) Anyway, the residents range from young to old and all ages between.  It's equipped with ramps, elevators to meet Cora's needs, whether she comes home on a walker, in a wheelchair or on roller skates!  





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Comments (3)

  • Susan Shanks
    Susan Shanks

    I'm voting for the roller skates! Love you, Cora! And you, Debra!!

    2 years ago · Reply
  • carol hodges
    carol hodges

    Thanks for the update! So glad her party went well!!!

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Norma Burkhardt
    Norma Burkhardt

    So glad to hear from you two. The area where you are moving is my favorite part of Dallas, as I used to live near there in another part of Oaklawn. Not only is it beautiful, but the walking is just heavenly. You can just walk and walk. Then there is what used to be Lee Park. Don't get me started on THAT!! Your party sounded glorious. Always loved your large family. Tell Lee hi for me. Remember taking me to Sherman to a family reunion and I met some of the family when Lowe and I were engaged? You drove me around and showed me things in town. I have not forgotten your birthday. Time and my so-called memory didn't work until the last minute. Then I had ordered a little do dad for you and it hadn't come yet. So, the main thing is I DID NOT FORGET YOU, and I promise you, it will arrive at Debra's soon.

    2 years ago · Reply