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Posted 2017-12-08T22:31:00Z

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Cora is getting closer to coming home where she belongs!  The timing is almost totally outside our control and under the control of the long term care insurance company; nevertheless, our goal is to have Aunt Tiby home by Christmas. We dropped the idea of "increased care" assisted living being her next move and decided we would make this work at home, with some help, which is being arranged. She'll be so much happier at home, so it's just the best thing for her. She's trying to stay patient while biding her time in skilled nursing at Parkwood until all the long term care prerequisites have been met for "alternative home care."  

As one of the kids used to say, at about age three, "I'm exciting!"

I visited Aunt Tiby last evening, and she is more like her old self than I've seen in a long time.  We have some hearing aid issues to work out which, when resolved, will make a big difference for her. As you know, she's a lively communicator, and it's difficult to carry on a conversation when only one person can hear.  

The next step:  Cora will be coming to a new home, a 2/2 condo here at The Wyndemere at Turtle Creek where I've moved since selling my home in Euless a week or so ago (seems like a month...busy! busy! ) We've shown Aunt Tiby pictures of the condo, and she's excited. She'll have windows to look out and watch the hustle and bustle of the urban streets through the trees. Hopefully she likes it as well as watching squirrels in the backyard. This is not a "senior living" type of place; there's a wide range of ages here; yet there are many amenities that will make life easier... ramps and elevators, someone at the door 24-hours, tight security and, this will be Tiby's favorite... drum roll ... The Dallas Morning News delivered right to our door.

Understand, this is a major downsizing. The condo is tiny... but cute, as they say. And Aunt Tiby, who has already downsized a few times, is doing it again. My sister, Laurie, has been coming over almost daily to unpack Aunt Tiby's boxes and get her room, bathroom and closet in order, while I work on my own space and the public rooms.  I didn't realize until this move that Aunt Tiby has a knack for fitting the most "stuff" in the least space. I'd venture to say she had over 30 boxes of things, we'll call them "hidden treasures", in her little bedroom, modest closet and bath in Euless, packed by Laurie and my cousin, Peggy. I would have never guessed the space held that much. Aunt Tiby did give Laurie license to get rid of some of the older stuff; for example medicine that expired in 1993 (seriously), and some perfumes and toiletries from the same era. Well, heck, if you were 100, 1993 might seem like yesterday, compared to, say, the 30s!  When we talked about sorting out clothing, I got her to agree that anything that looks like Michael Jackson might have worn it in the 80s, had to go! Yes, even the glove. Seriously, she has a beautiful wardrobe, surprisingly current, and it's difficult to downsize it.  You are a champ, Laurie, even if Aunt Tiby says you are "worse than a daughter". 

Well, that was a little insight into what's coming. Hallelujah! We can't thank you enough for your friendship, love, support and prayers. I can't promise, but I'll probably come up for some air again eventually and post another update.  If I don't do so before the holidays, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!





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Comments (4)

  • Carole Duncan
    Carole Duncan

    Wonderful news on all accounts! Happiest of Holidays to y'all! Can't wait to see you & Tiby again:) Love Carole D.

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Jerry Ferguson
    Jerry Ferguson

    Great news: When Cora is settled in: We must have a house warming for Cora and Debra: With Much Love: Ed & Jerry.

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Norma Burkhardt
    Norma Burkhardt

    So great hearing from you, Debra, and all that Ms. Tiby has been up to of late. Cora, it's always hard right at the end of an ordeal, which my dear, don't you forget, how the Lord so miraculously brought you through this, and back to us. You are special. God has a purpose for you and plans. He not only watched over you, but He is giving you a whole new start, a new life. You and Debra are going on the journey together. What fun you two will have. My, my Debra if you haven't been a busy bee of late. Thankful you got the sale through and I know exactly what you mean about her clothes. It's been fifty years since I lived with her for awhile, but clothes is what she has and they are gorgeous. Dang! Everything she has is gorgeous. I am praying for happiness for you. Can't say it enough how much I love Turtle Creek.

    2 years ago · Reply
  • carol hodges
    carol hodges

    It's good to hear about Tiby's encouraging improvement and new life at Turtle Creek. We are all so thankful she has such wonderful family to minister to her!!!

    2 years ago · Reply