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Creating a Warrior

On May 22, 2019 I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. This is my journey.

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Posted 2019-07-25T04:10:33Z

Finished phase 1

I’ve received rounds 3 and 4 since my last post so I’ve finished the dose dense part of Chemo. I’ve started developing neuropathy in my feet, and I’m expecting to feel the worst of round 4 starting tomorrow. On August 6th, I’ll start 12 weeks of a lighter Chemo, or at least I’m told it’s lighter. 

We’ve had so much to be thankful for. First, the acid reflux is under control. Second, I had an ultrasound on Monday to check the size of the tumor to see if Chemo is working. It has shrunk by about 20%, and the lymph nodes still look clear! Third, with the loss of my hair, I noticed a dark asymmetrical spot on my scalp, but my doctor says it’s benign. Fourth, I’ve just about finished up the training needed for work so I can focus on my treatments and recovery. Fifth, we are all enjoying having Grandma here, and she has been such a big help as these last two treatments have been awful! Sixth, I was approved for disability through a work insurance policy so I will continue to receive a portion of my salary while on leave. Lastly, Alex got his first job last week, and it seems to be helping with his depression.

Please continue to pray for the kids’ depression and anxiety. Please pray for the next couple days as the trend has been for me to hardly be able to move on these days.  Also, pray the tumor continues to shrinks. We would love to see it disappear before surgery, but every little bit it shrinks gives me a better chance of not having to do radiation later. Lastly, pray the supplements the doctor added to my daily meds helps keep the neuropathy from getting worse.

I’m so thankful for all the ways, God is working through this. As I journal my experiences and we join together in prayer, I see him answering them one by one. This is such an encouragement and keeps me going as I trust in Him and his perfect plan!


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