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Cris Condidorio

Keeping all of our loved one's informed during my mom's fight through lung cancer.

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Posted 2017-08-07T23:43:58Z

1 year later...

I've been considering posting here for quite some time but couldn't find the right words. After updating the Cris Condidorio Memorial Fund's website today with beautiful pictures, I thought some of you would want to see the difference that we have made in Mom's name. We have been able to donate books to hospitals, children, schools, and libraries. We have renovated an entire nook in my Mom's name. We have donated items for play and reading in several libraries. We have touched many children's lives and all because of a truly special human who I am blessed to call my Mom. If you would like to follow the donations that have been made, please visit .

Our lives have been exceptionally hard this past year as we have tried to mourn the loss of the most profound person in all of our lives. We have done so as a family and tried to remember the positive impact that she had on so many people. We came together this past month at my wedding on July 15th where everyone who attended said they could feel my Mom's presence. The signs of her that I have heard about were the rose that sat on what would have been her chair, the sun that peeked through the clouds just as we said our vows, the gardens that overflowed with color and life to decorate the lawn, the touching dance that I shared with my dad, the dance that I shared with my brothers in memory of Mom, the speech that my father gave, and so much more. We couldn't have missed her more that day and everyday for the past year. 

We will continue to update the Memorial fund web page as we continue to make donations. If you have ideas for donations, please contact us as we would love to help others who would benefit from my Mom's love of  children and literacy.

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