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Posted 2019-03-07T20:18:03Z

March 4, 2019

I met with the facility director, Chris. I expressed my concerns and told her that the care that dad was receiving was unacceptable and that we need to make some adjustments. She said that the director of nursing or her assistant would come and speak with us in the afternoon. Tim sat with dad while Amy, mom and I went to lunch and the bead store. 

April, the assistant to DON, came after I called the front desk around 4:30 to let them know we were available. She seemed anxious or nervous or something, Maybe she's heard about me and was fearful! I told her that we felt that the aid staff lacked training and knowledge of proper transfer techniques. We also told her that it was not acceptable that when the call button was pushed, that dad should have to wait 30-40 minutes. We agreed that he should be put on a schedule for getting out of bed, toileting, and putting him to bed, so the only time we would need to call was when he needed some additional toileting visits or medications. 

The aids came and put him in pajamas about 7:40 and we had them leave him in the wheelchair and I said I would put him to bed later or call them if I needed help. We Facetimed with Michael for a few minutes. Michael commented that dad was showing off his biceps in short-sleeve shirt and dad pretended to blow up his muscle with his thumb in his mouth, like he always did when we were kids. 

Later, I took him to the bathroom to brush his teeth. I was able to get him into a standing position. He brushed his teeth with his right hand, while gripping the edge of the sink with his left. When I was wheeling him to his room, I said,"I bet it felt good to brush your teeth, the aids usually put you to bed without doing that. " He quickly replied, "Yeah-the Zimbabwe twins don't care about my teeth!"

I had a bit of difficulty transferring him from the wheelchair to the bed as he only gives about 5-10% help. I managed, but decided for our safety, I would not attempt this again on my own. 

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