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Posted 2019-03-09T05:00:40Z

March 8, 2019

Today the hospice aid was late coming to shower dad. Thankfully the shower wheelchair is here and that was easier for them. 

The staff doctor came to see dad and said he wanted to start him on an antibiotic for the cough/mucous. I think he believes dad might have aspiration pneumonia. He suggested that dad no longer use straws for drinking and may eventually need thickened liquids. At this point, I disagree and think dad needs to use the straw for the small amount he is still taking in. He never seems to cough or have trouble swallowing when using the straw and I believe has a higher chance of aspirating liquid with a cup that is more difficult to control the portion. 

Dad ate only 4-5 bites of cheerios at breakfast and was very nauseated at lunchtime and didn't eat anything. He had 2-3 sips of coke.  I had the nurse give him a zofran for the nausea. He slept most of the morning. 

Amy came over in the afternoon for several hours and she said that dad was awake for quite a while and watched a WWII show and stayed awake. He didn't want anything to eat but at dinner had 1/2 of a scrambled egg and about 1/4 of a banana. 

He said he wasn't nauseous anymore and stayed awake for an hour or so after dinner. He said a few things that didn't really make sense and was a little fidgety with his chair controls. 

Around 7:30, after using a tissue, he had a nosebleed that lasted a while. It was nearly stopped when the aids got him ready for bed. He was unable to use his legs at all when they transferred him to the wheelchair. 

When he was in bed, his nosebleed returned but not to the severity it was earlier and blood was pretty thick. We elevated his shoulders and head with a thicker pillow and checked on him and it had stopped. 

This was his worst, weakest day since I arrived one week ago. 

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