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Patrick J. Burke Patrick J. Burke

I'm not really sure why I thought about Dale today. Maybe it's the fact that archery deer season opens here tomorrow in Wisconsin. I did not know that he was gone. I hadn't seen Dale in years but always loved deer hunting with him in northern Minnesota. He was a great guy and we shared some great times together!!! Patrick Burke

Alyssa Nitschke Alyssa Nitschke

Oh, Dale. You have always brought a smile to my face. The genuine kindness you have always given to anyone in your presence is contagious. Ryan and I often reminisce on our times at the Hodo where a hug from Dale, or one of his stories, or just the ever present, 'thank you for what you do', will stay with us forever. Thank you for being such an amazing leader, and friend. Love you,
Ryan & Alyssa Nitschke

DebMathern DebMathern

Happy 65th Birthday dear friend. I wish I were in Fargo to stop by and give you a birthday hug. Wishing you joy and peace. Love you, Dale. Deb Mathern

Linda Heintz Linda Heintz

Hi Dale, thinking back about all of the fun we use to have! Two things really stand out, which is the time we went to listen to Linda B sing and that gang attacked our car and he punched you. That wasn't fun but something to remember. The most fond memory is when you got me an interview at the college after my resume had been over looked. I ended up in second place out of hundreds . That must have been quite the sales pitch you gave him about me!! It is a pleasure to know you and if miracles happen for you maybe I'll see you in Az😇

Sarah Smith Warren Sarah Smith Warren

Hi Dale, I only got to work with you for a short time at the HoDo, but your sincere respect, kindness and that genuine smile will never be forgotten. Love and positive thoughts to you and your family.

Karla Thompson Karla Thompson

I don't know Dale as well as some but I do know Kimmy. And Dale you have made my friend very happy. You r a true son of God and have shone his light throughout your life. "Peace and love to you always! There will be no more cancer or pain or tears and you will share in the Lords paradise. And when we r gathered for that great reunion, all will be as it should. Love and blessings to you Dale and to all your family and friends!

Jhett Jhett

Dale my friend. Always, ALWAYS, you have been such a real source at the Hodo of the feeling of Family. That feeling of welcome and love and support. Your ease and no-bullshit approach with all of us gives us more room for openness, honesty, and communication, and I for one could say "thank you for that" a thousand times over.
The world is honestly -AND I MEAN THIS, DAMNIT- a better place because of the ways in which you make your mark on all who know you. Youre someone we all look up to for the ways you love and the ways you really care about others.
Keep on.

Peace and Love, Brother.


Linda Butler Linda Butler

Thanks for this site and for the wonderful photos you have shared.
I think of you often with fond memories.
You are in my prayers and I send my love and hugs.
Linda Butler

Susie McDowell Susie McDowell

You're in my thoughts so much, Dale! Big hugs to you!!! Love, Susie

Sara Oltvedt Sara Oltvedt

Dale, you have always been like a second dad to me...a consistent source of support and encouragement through some of my most difficult times. You are so incredibly genuine, and's so wonderful to read this outpouring of love for you! See you soon!❤️

Cat Yokom Cat Yokom

Dale, through the HoDo, I found you to be such a gracious host. I always loved the chance to meet Kim, Julie and some of the other girls and have you come over to visit. They were lucky to have you because you made it special! And that is a beautiful picture of the 4 of you! The best to you.
-Cat Yokom

Jeff Burrill Jeff Burrill

Brother Owl/Fellow Jarhead Dale,
Attended Dale Days with Steve Poitras. Enjoyed your fave band the Front Fenders; visited with Denise and many others.
Recently held a mini-Owl Reunion at Ushers. Other Brothers in attendance were Miller, Ingersoll, Auten, Hendrickson, duCharme, Mollerud, Peterson, Hauge, and Boche. We toasted you.
Missing you and 'old soul' Kim.
Semper Fi,

Kandice Del Rio Kandice Del Rio

Dale thank you for being such a gracious soul. Everyone who's had the pleasure of having you apart of their life has forever been blessed. Your the dad or grandfather we didn't have or a fill in when needed most. In the short 5 years of working beside you, I was amazed by the love your community shares for you. From 1800 miles away I'm sending you all my love and thinking of you often. #dalepowers #oneawesomedude #leavesyourheartfeelingfull

Angela Severson Angela Severson

Amber has always spoken so highly, and lovingly of you. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and ally for my sister. Upon meeing you I got to see the light she speaks of, you are one of those people in the crowd that speaks without speaking and touches those around you by just simply being you. Love and support to you and your family!
Angela Severson

Morea Steinhauer Morea Steinhauer

Dale -
Though I only had the privilege of knowing you as a patron of the HoDo, brief interactions connected to Bras on Broadway, or when photographing weddings that were getting ready at the hotel - it was such a delight to work with you. You're an incredible soul whose heart smiles, beams, and greets. I'm sure I'm symbolic of many strangers that you helped feel so welcomed. Much love and gratitude for the gift you are to the community!!

Now I'm reflecting the beaming smiles, love light energy right back to you, your family, and your extensive community of support!!

Warmly from stranger symbolic of many lives you've touched and mad strong impressions simply by being you,
-Morea Steinhauer