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Posted 2017-04-20T17:00:00Z

Day 2 for Miss Dallas Ray

Day 2 for Miss Dallas Ray...

•First thing first, I got to hold my sweet tiny baby girl this morning!!! I was so nervous to hold a teeny tiny 3lb baby but once she was in my arms, all the nervousness just went away! I also got to see her open her eyes for the first time last night as well! ❤️

•She still has her feeding tube but will continue to have that for about 2 more weeks and then they will try to bottle feed her! However they are giving her formula via feeding tube every shift! 

• They are going to try again to place a PICC Line in her so they will not have to continue to keep poking her with ivs.

•Her bilirubin has doubled so we are waiting to see if Dr wants her to go under the blue light for jaundice  

•Eveything is looking great with our sweet baby girl so far! Thank you Jesus! She has just been relaxing and taking it easy!

• I just can't imagine having to leave her here in the NICU for a minimum of 4 weeks! I can't wait for her brothers and sisters to meet her! They are going to adore her! ❤️

•Prayers are still greatly appreciated as our journey continues, we still have a long road ahead of us! ❤️Thank you!

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