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Danie Rae England

Danie Rae's adventure started on January 30th, 2015 at 11:55 pm. She entered this world weighing 1 pound 7 ounces and measuring 33 centimeters long. This blog will show h[...] read more

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Posted 2015-03-02T17:24:21Z

Day 32. March 3, 2015.

Miss Danie is going great!! We recovered from our maybe-infection quickly. We learned from one of her doctors that the cause of her huge belly was them putting in her feeding tube over and over and the misplacement of her air removal tube. (Granted she removed them each time herself, it was still not her bodies fault for reacting the way it did.) She is now back on only feedings, no IV. She is almost to the point of being moved down a level on her air support. When this happens she won't need the tube to remove air anymore. 

Last weekend we were taken on a tour of the private rooms. We are hoping and praying Danie will end up in one of these in the next 2 weeks. Visitation will still be on the same restrictions, so grandparents, me and Daddy only. Her being in one of these rooms means I will be able to be at the hospital twice as much as I am now. The way the NICU is set up, Danie is out in the open in a little cove with 4 other babies (sometimes more). This means 4 other babies nurses and parents constantly within 5 feet of her. Being in a private room will mean she will only be hearing her own monitors and our and her nurses voices. Less negative stimulation would be the most ideal. And I would love to be able to have alone time for the first time ever with my baby. Here's to hoping. 

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