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Posted 2019-04-09T04:54:07Z

All about ears

Dani got her first hearing aids on March 12th.  She didn't have a huge reaction, but she did get rather quiet and still as she took in the new version of sound for the first time. She sometimes fusses about having them put in, but is mostly pretty okay with it and is generally fine once they are situated.[...]

Posted 2019-04-09T03:48:23Z

Update part 1

Dani is such a trooper. The month of March was jam packed with doctor and therapist appointments as well as blood draws and ultrasounds. Her eating habits still continue to puzzle everyone. She is growing well, just takes a good bit of planning and prodding each day to stay on track. We are still hoping she'll turn the corner on this any moment now.  She is now at 11 lbs and 2 chins :-)[...]

Posted 2019-02-22T03:06:00Z

A rose is a rose is a Rose

Dani Rose and her parents (and her k9 brother) have had a wild February so far getting used to the new household. There have also been lots of follow up visits with her pediatrician and with specialists and TONS of paperwork, but we are working through it all one thing at a time. Home life is busy and has it crazy moments, but is overall good. It's been great to finally feel like we are marching forward and not in limbo anymore.  We can't say enough amazing things about our family and friends that have such a huge help and support. Hoping there will be time for more detailed updates soon :-)[...]

Posted 2019-01-31T07:11:08Z

Footloose and wire free (exciting news!)

Dani is home!!!   :-)   :-)   :-)

We were told Monday morning at 6:30am that she had finished enough overnight to check the box and could be discharged. We went through the whirlwind of that process for a few hours and she was headed home by 1:30 in afternoon. Needless to say things haopened fast and have been a bit busy, so we are sorry for the delay in this post. But we're so happy to share this news with everyone. She still has some challenges ahead of her, but it is so wonderful to start the next step of this journey and get her one great big step closer to her goals. [...]

Posted 2019-01-26T14:28:31Z

Lots of learning

Dani is a big strong newborn now. She is over 7 lbs and has more awake time.  When she is up and happy she can do tummy time, baby massage, practicing grasping, or tracking movement with her eyes. Its a bummer to do these things in her hospital crib and not at home and it's tough to catch her at the right time where it doesn't mess up her feeding schedule to get her home, but were still squeezing it in where we can. [...]