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Posted 2019-04-09T03:48:23Z

Update part 1

Dani is such a trooper. The month of March was jam packed with doctor and therapist appointments as well as blood draws and ultrasounds. Her eating habits still continue to puzzle everyone. She is growing well, just takes a good bit of planning and prodding each day to stay on track. We are still hoping she'll turn the corner on this any moment now.  She is now at 11 lbs and 2 chins :-)

Her hemangioma looks better and better and no new wounds.  The medicine has done wonders and crossing our fingers, it looks like it should be all uphill on that front. 

On other fronts, Dani is starting to grasp and hold some of her toys and has gained a lot of neck strength. She's even starting not to hate tummy time quite so much. And she has perfected a really good pout lip. 

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  • Danny Canning
    Danny Canning

    She sure has grown and is looking so pretty. Nana and Pop are looking forward to her upcoming visit. :)

    one year ago · Reply