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Posted 2019-04-09T04:54:07Z

All about ears

Dani got her first hearing aids on March 12th.  She didn't have a huge reaction, but she did get rather quiet and still as she took in the new version of sound for the first time. She sometimes fusses about having them put in, but is mostly pretty okay with it and is generally fine once they are situated.

We were incredibly fortunate to find an amazing audiologist through the help of a canine assistant recipient with a lot of experience. They have been a tremendous help in navigating these first decisions. This is the biggest step forward in that process, as Dani can now get more accurate input from her surroundings while her brain is developing and learning. They will particularly help her by amplifying the sounds of speech that she is not able to hear well on her own.

It has been a road with lots of high and low emotions so far. We are so thankful that her hearing is as good as it is, though at the same time a little sad that she needs the aids at all.

It's also been a rough go on battling the financial front, as we have discovered that our insurance can get around the state requirements we were told guaranteed coverage, and they in fact do not cover the cost of the hearing aids and earmolds which is the bulk of the financial burden. We make just enough not to qualify for most of the aid that is available, though still waiting to hear back on some. For an idea on what that means (because we sure never knew), the aids are the bit behind the ear and they attach via a tube to the custom made earmolds tucked into her ear. The earmolds have to be remade  and reordered every 2-3 weeks as her ears will be constantly outgrowing them. She is already on her second set. Her current aids are from a loaner bank and thankfully we can use them for the next 4 to 5 months. After that we will have to purchase her own. Filling out applications has been a huge time suck over the past several weeks, but we are hopeful that some of these efforts will eventually pay off. 

We were pleasantly surprised by how low profile they look, and from some angles you can hardly even tell she is wearing them. 

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  • Robyn Silk
    Robyn Silk

    Dealing with insurance companies are the worst. You have to make a pest out of yourself. We always want things perfect for our children. It’s what makes a good parent. With your love and support she’ll be able to handle whatever life throw at her❤️

    11 months ago · Reply