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Posted 2019-09-15T18:43:07Z

Fall is kind of the new year! 9/15/19

Hello friends!  Touching base.   Still some rough times . . . it has been an adjustment for the whole family living with and recovering from this incident.   It has a way of shining a big light in all the dark corners.  A little more than a year later we are still discovering together.  Luckily this is a family that doesn’t give up and everyone is walking a path, learning, growing and loving as we go.   There are still some tough spots to be lived through . . . but glad to say we are grateful for much this year. 

First of all - - - some amazing support.  We get to go meet with the ECMO team next month and hear stories of others who have benefited from the miracle that is ECMO.   It gave Darrin his life back to get better with.  To the team at Legacy, first responders (Sheriffs and EMT’s), family and friends: Thank you.

Darrin has also been able to pass the 2 college courses he took this year with a 4.0.  He is back to work, getting his management spot going, figuring out his goal of becoming an occupational therapy assistant and setting a course for the future.  An important part of that future now is his girlfriend Lucero! (See pictures above)   We all had the opportunity to meet her on her recent visit to Vancouver where Darrin shared a lot of sights and sounds of the Great Northwest!  He also got to coach her in hitting a baseball.  Means “she is the one!”   Yes!   :0)

I wanted to mention that it can still be very hard sometimes.  This sort of “invisible” condition is difficult for others to even know is there, especially as recovery is underway.  It is easy to think “Everything is all better now!”  Because we want to think that; be done, move on.   Let’s just be normal! (Whatever that is?)  There is a fine line for “moving on” and we aren’t always able to gauge or know quite what to do to help.  It is something to live with, yet have supreme prospects of hope and recovery.  I personally have learned to take a closer look at people; try to be kind.  Everyone has “something” they are struggling with . . . and we don’t get to judge the subject matter, duration, deepness or affect.  We don’t even need to know!  We just get to be kind.  And we are more than grateful for the kindness shown to us.

I will finish today by saying how thankful I am that Darrin is here, with us.  We are very thankful for the divine intervention that provided so many miracles that brought him through and saved his life.  He has his physical health intact.   I am proud of how hard he is working, especially as the inevitable obstacles come up.  He keeps at it persistently.  I am so very glad for the love and support he has.   It is incredible to watch how love has come into his life.  We love Lucero, who is quite a special soul; they are good to each other.  

Have a good week.  Look for someone who needs not only a kind word, but basic acknowledgement that they “are.”  Much love to all.

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