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Posted 2022-06-04T02:14:23Z

Musings two days after

Hello my loves, my gathered loves. My sweetest friend Sally spent the evening full of love and consolation and beauty talking about the man we both loved and how life would go on without him. We spoke of the memorial service that will soon be announced (most likely we will gather in the summer maybe in July) in order to celebrate the life of this beautiful human being. Let us trust that this tribute will bring comfort and joy to all who love him. As we write this Nick is snoring very loudly in the background ... Most likely dealing with his own grief in his very special way.[...]

Posted 2022-06-02T00:41:13Z

Celebration of life

My dad passed away about an hour ago, surrounded by his family.  It was peaceful when it happened and we are so grateful for the amazing help and compassion we got from his hospice workers.  We can’t even express how much all of your support has meant to our family.[...]

Posted 2022-05-30T13:30:42Z

A little ice cream

Hi Everyone, I am not at DM's today but I'll keep you updated as I hear things. Maureen and David have the Fogels with them. They are some of their oldest and dearest friends. They have been through so much together and it was wonderful to see what a comfort it was to have them there. David & Moe also has the Millers surrounding him & checking in every day with love and comfort and taking care of any immediate needs. [...]

Posted 2022-05-30T01:47:00Z

Update for today

Hello friends,

We realized that the intro to the website seems to set a different tone than more recent comments here in the journal, so we wanted to catch folks up on how things have settled as of Sunday evening.[...]

Posted 2022-05-29T22:00:42Z

Time well spent

Hello Everyone, I think things may be happening faster than anticipated. David has gone from being able to walk up and down the stairs to not getting out of bed.  He still wakes up says something quippy then almost immediately falls asleep. He is resting comfortably and is snoring gently. I think he knows how much we love him. [...]

Posted 2022-05-29T16:04:00Z

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*Please note that this site was originally intended to update David's Theater world and at times it is informal & irreverent but is all done with love. We know that David has a very powerful life as a congregational minister and we celebrate that fiercely!! If you are from David's Church family we respect and are grateful to you -All David Butler fans are welcome here!!! [...]