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Posted 2022-05-30T01:47:00Z

Update for today

Hello friends,

We realized that the intro to the website seems to set a different tone than more recent comments here in the journal, so we wanted to catch folks up on how things have settled as of Sunday evening.

Friday evening, David started having a lot of discomfort and took to bed, and they increased his morphine. After a couple of days, hospice has let Maureen know that he is (by all indications) begun transitioning to the final phase. It’ s uncertain or unlikely the degree of sustained consciousness he has remaining. Hospice said this morning that we could be talking 12 hours or a few days, but at the rate he’s slipping, more than that seems unrealistic.

Maureen has asked for some space during this time, so while it is everyone’s impulse to run and shower them with love, at the moment, what they need is privacy and time to finish organizing things with Molly, Seamus and Finn (David’s daughter and grandsons). Mo has asked the theater community to communicate via this site and if anything’s urgent, to send a note Sally who will make sure Mo sees it and get any responses if needed.

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  • Rick Osann
    Rick Osann

    Sending our love to you, David & Maureen. Rosemary & Rick

    6 months ago · Reply
  • Margaret Joan Walters
    Margaret Joan Walters

    Molly reached out to me last night by messager. I am so sorry my favorite cousin is leaving us. At first I thought I could come up there. But I have my own responsibility here. Just trying to think of all the time Dave and I were together. While our sisters were off some there. I was the oldest he was the youngest but we still had fun growing up! My sympathies to all of the family and friends he has made thur the years May God be with you.

    6 months ago · Reply