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Posted 2018-12-21T18:11:57Z

David said goodbye to us all yesterday

For the many who have been holding the Finnigan family in your heart, David lost his battle with cancer yesterday at 1:00 pm. We lost a remarkable husband, father, uncle and friend.  David will be remembered for his quick wit, love of life and family.  He died peacefully surrounded by family in the comfort of his home.[...]

Posted 2018-12-15T00:58:44Z

A personal note from David

Dear all,

This is my family speaking on my behalf … it’s been good to be home surrounded by those I love most in the world.  All the kid’s and Shelley are nearby to make sure every creature comfort is at my fingertips.  So far I’m still enjoying movie night and football games, they’ve kept me engaged and entertained. This isn’t exactly how I thought retirement would go but it’s a good reminder that none of us can count on time.  I try not to think of what I’ll miss but instead focus on all that I’ve had.  A loving wife, deep and authentic relationships with my children, brother, satisfying work and all of you.  Your notes, visits and well wishes have meant the world to me and a reminder of a life well lived.  I’m so grateful for the all of relationships, memories and shared experiences that have been the rich tapestry of my life.  I’m deeply moved by the love and it’s been nourishing to me and my family during this difficult phase.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and know that your love is what I’ll take with me. [...]