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Charlie Assaf Charlie Assaf

I remember meeting Dave for the first time and the great smile that he flashed when we shook hands. He was a friend from that day on. We both held a mutual love for baseball. I have only known him in Bend, but he was my friend from that day on. We had many of the same interests in sports, vintage cars and cigars! He was a great Blackjack player and loved Beavers baseball, golf and football. I loved Dave Finnegan! He will be missed by all of us!
RIP Brother, I miss you!

Don Roach Don Roach

I can’t tell you enough how glad that I got the chance to work with you and get to know you as a friend over the last almost 11 years! Not only were you a great mentor for me as I navigated a new experience in my career, you were a friend!

Traveling with you in Europe was always an adventure. I think that I can write a sitcom on our travels, although maybe only you and I would get some of the jokes...,..”I think that went well”; “where are we going to dinner tonight”, “let’s take a break” “do you want to box right here”......and many more!

You were my “life line” during my year in the Netherlands. I can’t thank you enough.

You inspired us how to live life to its fullest!

Love you man!


Paula Sansburn Paula Sansburn

I keep reading these messages from all your amazing friends David and Shelley. Then I read David's message to all of us from his heart. David, I'm so grateful you came into our lives. You've made a huge impact on all of us and I will cherish each memory and all our laughter! My heart aches at the thought of you not being here, drinking scotch, watching sports, smoking your cigars and enjoying your beautiful cars. You are so loved and I'm glad you feel it and know how important you are to each of us. We love you and your family so dearly. You will be missed, never forgotten and always loved by the Sansburn Family.

Love to all your family and friends. We love you Shelley!

Paula and Jim

Joel Guenther Joel Guenther

Dave - man, you've got a lot of friends. Looks like I'm part of a movement. Finni, this is Joel Guenther. Everyone is posting the impact you've had on their life and I'm no exception. I used to think I had a good line of bs - and then I met you. The laughs and wit you shared can't be duplicated. Nor, can the knuckleball you'd throw playing catch in the Lancaster backyards - everything you threw was offspeed, even the fast ball. The trips to the Outer Banks hold lots of great memories - mainly that none of the kids drowned while you, Charles and I concentrated on staying hydrated on the beach. Happy times watching Katie and Kyle, and Riley and Grant. I'm forever grateful for the friendship we shared. Katie, Kyle, Grant, Anne and I are all in your corner. Fight on.

Dave Devoe Dave Devoe

What an insightful, caring, message you sent out to your friends and family. Your perspective on life and living is and always has been, admirable.

So glad you have Shelley to be with you during this obstacle.

A bit of a low point so up is the only way to go.
Love ya Bro!

BYW: Saw Bud in Dalton about a month ago, he still thinks you’re cool! He didn’t remember GG🤔

Perry Perry


The other night Suzanne and I were talking about you and me. And before I knew it I was telling her the story of our high-school-age weekend-long baseball tournament in Grant’s Pass; unique in the extent of non-baseball shenanigans we got into. And of course, we were both laughing our asses off.

Thank you for that.

It’s one of a great many highly-questionable, great story-producing escapades we’ve shared since meeting in kindergarten. Somewhere along the line a credo evolved: “you only go around once… so you have to experience everything”. It would be hard to over-state the amount of trouble this phrase got us into.

Thank you for every time you uttered it.

And over many, many years the countless self-inflicted, sometimes harrowing, occasionally educational, and always hilarious experiences coalesced into a profound, priceless and enduring friendship.

Thank you, for being my cherished life-long friend.

I love you.


Matthew Kahny Matthew Kahny


From that awe inspiring moment you introduced me in a bar as Matt "Sticky Fingers" Kahny, and wove a tale about your pro QB career, and me as your #1 receiver... I knew once and for all that I was in the company of true greatness! From that memorable evening to equally indescribable Limoncello Disco nights in Italy, to dinner with Jacque talking about "serenity" we have shared a lot of great times together. As fun as those times were (and they were fun!) it is your enthusiasm, positive attitude, compassion, caring and competitive spirit that has stuck with me even more as I think back on our friendship. While we didn't get together that often, I always know that if I needed you, you would be there for me. I'll keep the Limoncello chilled for next time. Love you Dave. MJ

Lee Covert Lee Covert

Dear David,
I am not buying it either friend. When you look up the word "tough" in the dictionary you will see the definition says "David Finnigan". You are the real deal. It is easy to see from all these posts that you have spent a lifetime helping others and encouraging others, me included. I remember speaking with my colleagues at Elan Nutrition. It was hard to put into words what a magical affect you had on people using catch phrases like "steely eyed strategies". You knew what was important speaking often about family. You were so proud for good reason of your children and Shelley. I often share your story about running the first marathon and how when you got home Riley asked you "did you win dad". When you said no, Riley quickly lost interest in that conversation. You had already established that winning mentality in Riley as you did with so many along the way.

I remembered you were a psychology major so I found several quotes from Psychology Today for the term "a life well lived". It spoke of turning straw into gold. Yes, you have done that. This is my favorite quote.

The whole life of man is but a point in time; let us enjoy it. —Plutarch

You have certainly helped us enjoy it. You are the best! Lots of love always and forever... Lee and Tina

Perry Perry


I'm not buying it. I've known you for 55 years and there has never been a situation you couldn't b.s. your way out of. And I've seen some doozies. So I'm thinking this is about some work you're supposed to be doing that you don't want to.

- Perry

Brian Urbanek Brian Urbanek

I was so saddened to hear the latest news and I am sorry to hear what you are going through. I will always remember the last time we had drinks at prime cigar. I enjoyed all of our conversations over the years and will always remember the crazy canes fans at the Oklahoma game. You always had the positive outlook towards situations and some of the funniest stories I ever had the chance to laugh at. I truly appreciate your insight over the years.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Brian Urbanek

Steve Liff Steve Liff

Some of my fondest memories of my career at Sun for sure involved you. From the Elan days to so many laughs in our offices, to some of the deeper chats we've had as you battled cancer and then helped me battle mine. While many people make a lasting impression during our lifetime, there are only a few that come along every once in a while whereby you feel admiration, friendship, mentorship, and a feeling of gratitude that a path was crossed with such an individual. For me, you fit that mold as I have always respected your courage, strength, leadership and affability. I am so sad you are going through this, yet I also know that you have so many loved ones supporting you and sending you great vibes, including me. I continue to think about you and Shelley, including so many of the great times we've had. Speaking for Tiff as well, we send all of our love and support.
Steve Liff

Awet Gebrehiiwet-Wilder Awet Gebrehiiwet-Wilder

It's hard to put in words the impression some people leave on you. Your ability to make everyone feel special or heard, inspired or challenged, was uniquely special. You take the time to know them individually on their own merit ...and have the uncanny ability to be relatable to everyone. I love you for the friendship you have extended me, my family and most of all my husband. You and Shelly have opened your home but most of all your heart to us. We've traveled the world and stayed close to home and the love and friendship had continued to grow with an impact on our lives like no other. We'll always remember the Duke of Straton, ...and .the beach volleyball Olympics 😂. So blessed to have had those times with you. Keep smiling you and Shelley and the whole Finnigan family!

Jack Dunn Jack Dunn


Can't tell you how much I enjoyed our "fire side" chat last year!'d think we never lost a game! Love you!
Your Friend and Coach;
Jack Dunn

John Disa John Disa

My brother. We started to get a great relationship going and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.Your charm, quick wit and talent brought a smile to my heart every time we connected. Words cannot express my gratitude for your friendship.
Love and prayers big guy.
John Disa