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David Maughan - Journal

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Posted 2016-10-03T06:16:25Z

Celebration Of Life For David Maughan

Washington Park Arboretum, Wisteria Hall 2300 Arboretum Dr E Seattle, WA 98122

Click here for driving directions.

Join us to celebrate Dave's life.
And every single life he touched.
To thank him for his friendship.
And all the memories we hold dear.[...]

Posted 2016-09-03T06:09:34Z

Just shy of 76

At 5:29 pm mountain time, our father, David Marlin Maughan, left this world. He passed in such a beautiful way. Thank you all for holding him in your thoughts. I'm absolutely certain that he feels your love.[...]

Posted 2016-09-02T17:57:10Z


Today is a trying day for my dad. His condition has been worsening over the last two days. He's been intubated and on a breathing machine since Monday because his lungs were too fragile to stand up to the levels of oxygen they were having to push in order to keep his system stable. Today feels like a very important day. Please send your peaceful, loving and compassionate thoughts his way.[...]

Posted 2016-09-02T00:32:38Z

The background

Dear friends and family,
We have been on an emotional and very unfortunate journey with our father over the last few weeks. On our way to a family reunion in Calgary we had to take him into the hospital in Kalispell due to severe difficulty breathing. His lungs were extremely inflamed due to a very rare side effect from the leukemia medication he started taking 4 weeks back. A reaction that is normally found in 8-10% of patients and not very severe. David, however, has an edge case rarely seen before. The standard and typically effective approach for this type of reaction is to stop medication and treat the inflammation with steroids. Patient response is usually slow but eventually the lungs begin to heal. Unfortunately, Dad’s condition has been extremely steroid resistant and despite being on a high dose for the last two weeks he has not shown signs of improvement. We find ourselves battling this horrible lung disease and all the emotions that come with it. Rory and I (Alex) will be using this website to inform and update his beloved friends and family.[...]