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My Journey thru Transplant from Myeloma

An easy way to keep everyone up to date during both my stem cell transplants

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Great news, tests results show I am in complete remission!!!!!   Yeah!!!!!

Still having daily or every other day problems with leaky colostomy bags.  So debilitating and depressing, and isolating.

If it weren't for loving my animals so much, I would be much lonelier.  Rocky is our 16?? year old mutt (black & white spaniel).  He takes care of me, follows me constantly, wines when I cry, cuddles clse when we lay down.  He is super.  He was actually Scott's dog and his brother Bubba was my dog.  We lost Bubba a few years back, once I got sick Rocky stepped right in.  It is a good thing that Bubba died before I got sick.  He would not have understood where I kept going these last 2 years.

Anyway, I have 37 days to go before we get rid of this bag and start the uphill run to normalcy!!!   Surgery is the day after Memorial Day, will spend a few days in hospital, then home.

Thanks for all your encouragement!!!!

Debbie - (Has her big girl panties back on)


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