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My Journey thru Transplant from Myeloma

An easy way to keep everyone up to date during both my stem cell transplants

Latest journal entry

1st year maintenance of 3 chemos started today

Feeling great!  In total remission as of March 2nd. Don't go back to IA City for 3 months. Going back to work around April 10th and am driving again. Didn't know if I was going to make it out of the hell I have lived in for the last 3 or 4 months.

Because of the 2 years of maintenance chemo, my immune system will be compromised again.  If you are sick, please stay away from me.  20% of transplant patients die during these 2 years.

 Either by catching pneumonia or the flu, or the strong chemo causes a secondary cancer. The key is to catch any changes as early as possible. With all the problems I have already had, I am very aware of what to watch for.

The only problem I am having is falling down, since I still have no thigh muscles.  We are working on these and my arm muscles in physical therapy. Where muscles used to be  I now just have wrinkled, flabby skin.

Will probably only post once a month, unless something goes wrong. Will find out May 26th if I am still in remission.

Dr.Tricot, who is my transplant specialist in IA City is retiring at the end of June.  Dr. Morton and his nurse Gwen, who are my chemo administrators and lab takers for IA City; are both retiring at the end of the year.  Kind of scary to lose these people that have saved my life, countless times in the last 7 months.  I spent a total of 69 days in hospitals during those 7 months.

 All of the encouragement I received from friends, relatives and co-workers; got me thru this trying period of my life.  THANK YOU!!