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My Journey thru Transplant from Myeloma

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Posted 2018-06-23T15:02:00Z


I am hoping that my days of writing these updates on my health are coming to a close.  And that I will finally be back to a somewhat normal life.  In the posting before this, I listed all my procedures since I got the news of cancer in April 2016.  Quite a journey.  My personal email is [email protected], should anyone need it.

First off - On 6/11 Scott & I had to put our 16 year old dog, "Rocky" to sleep.  He had been my caretaker since I got sick.  If I was in bed all day, he was too.  16 years is a long time, we miss him so much.  I am hoping that God took him home, because I won't need a caretaker anymore.  That it means this never ending saga of me beimg sick is coming to an end.

On 5/31 I went into surgery, to reverse my ilostomy, stronger than I had been in a long time.   Was starting to get my strength back and was hospitalized for pneumonia last week on 6/16.

Feeling better everyday.

Came home to sewer backing up in our basement, going to cost around $6000.00 to fix.  Our basement floor has to be torn up.  I think we have had to have every large item in our house repaired:  Heater, dishwasher, new kitchen pipes, ice maker, vehicles....  I really thought we had paid our dues, but someone thought I needed one more thing.  Please, let this be the beginning of some good, somewhat normal life.

If things go as planned, I will be back to work the end of July.  A long time coming, I haven't worked since January.  Am getting pretty excited to get back.  I work for the most caring company, Excell Marketing.  Ready to start earning my keep.

Thank you everyone, for all your encouragement.  I was here to see my 1st grandchild graduate, and to see my great granddaughter, well worth what I have went thru!!!

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