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Posted 2015-05-30T18:55:00Z

Diagnosis and Upcoming Treatment

Dear Friends:

 I first want to apologize to those of you who will be finding out what is going on with me through this website and posting.  

In October 2014, I had some pain in my right shoulder.  Those of you who have known me for quite some time knew that I had a severe bicycle accident on Laguna Canyon about 10 years ago where I was transported to a trauma hospital and my right arm was literally put back together through an intensive surgery that included placement of a big steel plate with screws in my humerus.  Well, I went to an orthopedic surgeon who did some testing thinking I had a rotator cuff tear.  What came back shocked us.  I had a large cancerous tumor that was surrounding my shoulder.  It literally had eaten through my bone, wrapped itself around my glenoid, and was extremely painful.  The next few weeks were a blur of doctors visits and tests and surgeries.  In the end, I was diagnosed with a blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma.  I had the worst stage, which for Myeloma is Stage 3, and had metastasis on my skull, ribs, spine, hips, and shoulder.  

Multiple Myeloma:

Since diagnosis I have been doing weekly chemotherapy and completed cycles of radiation.  The chemo treatments have been weekly since November.  I have had strange side effects, like a rash that broke out on the back of my neck and spread throughout most of my body.  It was like shingles.  Because my type of cancer starts in my bone marrow I have had three bone marrow biopsies to monitor my response to treatment.  The first bone marrow biopsy showed more than 60% of my bone marrow was filled with cancer cells.  



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