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Debbie's Page of Hope

Welcoming prayers and positive comments! Please keep Debbie in your prayers as she fights her recent diagnosis of stomach cancer. Psalm 16:8.

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Posted 2017-06-15T01:08:10Z

HOME from the hospital

Hey everyone!

Mama came home from the hospital yesterday evening and she is sure happy about that! She's had a good day, mild nausea/vomiting but overall feeling comfortable. She is enjoying seeing her family and friends right now. 

As an update at how gracious the Lord has been to us: her wish of being home happened, she has NO infection, she is comfortable and she has very minimal bleeding! She did not have the "bad bleed" that we were so concerned about. What an answer to pray for all of those things we requested over the weekend.

Please do continue to pray for her that she remains comfortable and that she enjoys the days free of nausea and vomiting with no bleeding. We appreciate each of you! Please continue to send her encouragement, she loves hearing from everyone. Much love to you all


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