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Debbie's Page of Hope

Welcoming prayers and positive comments! Please keep Debbie in your prayers as she fights her recent diagnosis of stomach cancer. Psalm 16:8.

Latest journal entry


Home from the hospital and still nauseated on and off. Happy to be home though. I had a real treat by having Penny stay with me the entire time. I know she was as tired as I was but it was a blessing for her to be there. 

Today I had radiation and I ask for all of you to pray the radiation can help stop the bleeding. The bleeding is on and off, slow and then sometimes fast but it is still oozing all the time. Radiation can really help that so please be in prayer it works like it is supposed to! 

Also I won't start my immunology treatment until April 4th so please be in prayer that works as well. 

I would also love prayers for no more complications and no more hospital stays! Thanks everyone, God bless each of you! Love Debbie