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Hospital Admission

Update from Nina:

Mama is in the hospital again with a bowel obstruction. They have everything well controlled at the moment and she is feeling GREAT with minimal to no nausea. There has been no vomiting and no bleeding which is a blessing from the Lord! She did have a random fever last night and they are unsure where the source of that fever is coming from. It could be infection or it could just be random from the cancer. However, it makes for a scary time if it is an infection because that would mean a longer stay in the hospital. So we are praying for no infection and that she will be able to come home soon -probably on Tuesday! We are thankful for the time we have to spend with her. She got a big fat kiss from Elias today:[...]

Update from Nina

She is still getting Opdivo every other week but feeling pretty bad right now (still looking beautiful though). We are battling some serious nausea/vomiting issues and have been staying strictly with IV meds for now. So please keep her in your prayers for no bleeding, relief of symptoms, and for no additional tumor growth. She will have a CT scan at the end of the month to see how the Opdivo is working. [...]

New Requests

Hi everyone

Doing okay right now, just going to get Opdivo every other week. I have to have my blood checked pretty regularly but since radiation that has been better too. I do have a few specific requests:[...]

Opdivo Update


Things are going pretty good. Just wanted to do a quick update. Spending time with my family has been great over the last couple of weeks. I have had the Immunology treatment (Opdivo) once and things have been going fine since. I have had no side effects so far but I am not expected to either which is great. [...]

Upcoming Treatment

So Monday is my LAST DAY of Radiation!! I will be ringing the bell for finishing 20 treatments of radiation with success. Praise the Lord!

I've not had any bleeding or vomiting and I am so thankful. I've been getting good results at the doctor too. On April 18 I start the immunology treatment and that means I get next week off. Please continue to pray that the treatments will work to shrink the tumor and improve symptoms and for no nausea! [...]


Home from the hospital and still nauseated on and off. Happy to be home though. I had a real treat by having Penny stay with me the entire time. I know she was as tired as I was but it was a blessing for her to be there. [...]


Please be in prayer for the upcoming 2 weeks:

**Monday I have a procedure at 1030am for a stent placement that will alleviate some nausea and vomiting. This should help me feel a lot better. Please pray the procedure goes well and helps with my symptoms tremendously.[...]

Prayer Requests

There are some new requests this week after being admitted to the hospital over the weekend. I've had some vomiting blood that is coming from the tumor which they tried to cauterize but could not. They also say I am not a surgical candidate for removal of the stomach or a debulking surgery. There is the option of having radiation to help stop the bleeding and also possibly an embolectomy. I have an appointment tomorrow with my oncologist to discuss the options. Please be in prayer for these things:[...]

New Update

It has been awhile since I've updated this. We have had a lot of great joys lately and life has been very busy!

First I would like to go back and thank every single person who donated money for me to receive a sitter in combination with home health this past July-Aug. That was a very difficult time where I wasn't sure I would never walk again. It required 3 people to lift me at one point. You all afforded me 3 wonderful sitters through September: Kristy, Jasmine, and Pat. These gals were really amazing. We also had several people volunteer from Calvary Baptist and Two Cities which I am very grateful for. So thank you to every person who helped me get better in so many different ways. [...]