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We hope this site will allow for quicker updates to our extended family and friends during Lisa's journey.

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Increased Liver Enzymes: A Slight Bump on the Journey

Over the last three weeks, I have returned to school and enjoyed being home with Sweet Pea and my tribe.  Cancer has made me tired, and Todd has done his best to wrangle Gunnison and Nash in an effort  to produce a quiet napping environment when needed.  With his rowdy GSP and my couch-dwelling peek-a-poo, that is no small feat.  

I met my oncologist two weeks ago, and she placed me on a pill to suppress the hormone that fueled my cancer.  She did lab work when I visited, and those tests showed high liver enzymes.  Sonograms of my liver and other organs were completed today in OKC to see if any masses could be detected.  

The test results will take several days.  We anticipate that the images will show no abnormalities because Lipitor, which I take, can cause an increase in liver enzymes.  However, there was life before cancer and now life after, so my oncologist just wants to lean on the safe side, and I appreciate her diligence.  

On a reconstruction note, the plan was to continue to Texas today for tomorrow’s appointment, but my plastic surgeon had to reschedule for the week’s end.  Another appointment will quickly follow, and the final surgery will  take place four to six weeks later.

This semester’s goals were to be cancer-free, to rebuild to my normal appearance, and to teach my students as if none of this was happening, and I am well on my way to accomplishing those goals. 

I do not know how people handle the stresses of cancer without God at the center and a strong support system to navigate life’s bumps.  Todd and mom flank me on each side during appointments, so I feel loved and Elvis-like with my own Memphis Mafia.  NOC has embraced the situation by rearranging my teaching schedule, covering Todd’s classes, and hosting an unexpected and much appreciated fundraiser. I work at an institution, where colleagues are caring friends who wear t-shirts to show their support!

I will keep you posted.  Thanks for walking this path with me!!!



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