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Posted 2019-03-24T18:19:00Z

Almost done!

The elevated liver enzymes proved to be Lisa’s normal. While they were looking at her liver, they went ahead and looked at all of her organs and found no abnormalities. We continue to see God’s favor in making this journey more encouraging than discouraging.[...]

Posted 2019-02-21T05:38:00Z

Stage 1 Breast Cancer

I visited my oncologist today for the first time and learned my DNA test results.  Based on my low score, I will not need radiation or chemo.  Todd and I are so very thankful for this news!  I will start taking a pilll tomorrow that will block hormones that spurred my cancer.  For the next two years, I will visit the oncologist every three months and then transition to every six months for the remaining three years.[...]

Posted 2019-02-02T23:00:17Z

First of February Update

Lisa had a doctor appointment last week that began her reconstructive phase of recovery. I was able to visit her this weekend, which did us both a lot of good. She has another appointment next week, but that will be the last for a couple of weeks. Therefore, she will be back in Enid to become reacquainted with the grandchildren and puppy dogs![...]

Posted 2019-01-24T22:44:37Z

First Doctor Appointment

First Doctor Appointment

Lisa visited her cancer surgeon today to have her drains checked. She learned that one of the two lymph nodes they removed to check for cancer showed a “micro trace” of cancer. However, the second node showed no sign. The surgeon stated that all of the cancer was contained in the breast and has been removed. Even so, they are doing a DNA test on the cancer to see if it would respond to chemo. If it is the kind that would respond to chemo, then Lisa may undergo chemotherapy as an additional step to ensure that it does not return.[...]

Posted 2019-01-19T20:08:12Z

Out of the hospital

Lisa left the hospital Thursday morning after being able to get in and out of bed and taking a stroll to the nurses’ station. As most will know, this is more than a normal recovery feat since Lisa’s walker utilizes her upper body muscles. She is at her mother’s in Arlington and will see the doctor next week to check the incisions.[...]

Posted 2019-01-15T03:12:05Z

Surgery Day

It’s been a long day, but Lisa is now in her room resting. The surgery went as planned and without problems. The cancer was removed and did not spread outside her breast. Therefore, she will not need radiation or chemo! [...]