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Posted 2018-07-28T17:34:00Z

July 28th

 It has been sometime since I have updated a post concerning Dennis and his continued journey.   As stated before, he started chemo treatments on April 13th and his last treatment was June 22nd.  He was able to go to Mercy Cancer Center in Mason City for treatments, so that was much easier than driving to Rochester.   Everyone who works in the cancer center was so friendly and kind to us.   In the beginning,  he had a few side effects but nothing serious. In fact, he was able to plant all of his crops this spring between chemo treatments and rain events! Dan Rottinghaus worked the ground for him and he had help from Jay, Barry, Gene and FS guys to make it all happen!  He  was able to complete four  cycles of chemo.  After the last cycle on June 22nd, he became quite dehydrated and lacking in energy and strength.  All of this was caused by the side effects of chemo. On June 29th he was admitted to the hospital in Mason City.  They gave him fluids and antibiotics to increase his counts and build strength. Dennis came home on July 3rd and has been gradually doing better.   The oncology department in Rochester decided to discontinue all of his chemo treatments and do scans every few months.  His  treatments were a preventative in case any cells escaped prior to surgery. Therefore, we are cautiously optimistic that the chemo did its job!!   The next stage of his “adventure” is teeth!   Since they had to remove all of his bottom teeth except one,  they are preparing him for implants. He has had impressions and will sometime in the near future have surgery to put in five studs to support the new teeth.  Unfortunately, he will still be on a soft food diet for 3 to 4 months. It takes that long for the studs to adhere to the bone and become solid enough to support the permanent teeth. We are hoping he can chew at Christmas time!! What a great Christmas present that would be!!  

 Must report to you that we had one other calamity the first part of June.   A wind storm came through our acreage and damaged a machine shed.  The insurance company determined it be a total loss and now a construction company is in the process of taking it down and replacing it.  Also had to replace all the the shingles on the roof of our house!   Never a dull moment with the Brinkmans!!!

 We are so appreciative of all the prayers and support we have received from everyone.   Your compassion and concerns have been a true blessing to us, helping us face each turn in the road. We can never thank you enough!!❤️❤️  Love, Jan and Dennis 



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