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Dennis Brinkman

Updates on surgery and recovery

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April 9th

 Dennis will start chemo on April 13th, which happens to be Friday the 13th!!  Today he is having a port inserted for administering the chemo. On Tuesday and Wednesday he has appointments at Mayo for CT scans.  These are routine scans that he will have every three months.  All chemo treatments will be done in Mason City, which is closer to home. He will be treated as an outpatient, though Rochester told us he would be an inpatient.  The chemo drugs he will receive are very strong and of course there are side effects. His regimen of treatments is in cycles of one day the first week and five days three weeks after initial treatment. We are praying that he can tolerate the drugs. Will just take it one treatment at a time!   Appreciate your continued prayers and support as this journey continues. God bless each of you. 

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