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Dennis Brinkman

Updates on surgery and recovery

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February 19

 Because of impending weather, we have rescheduled Dennis’s  appointment for March 6th.   Glad they are willing to work with us.  Driving on ice is not my forte!!   We made the decision this morning and wished we would have gone to Rochester on Sunday.  Hindsight!!  Hope the weatherman is not tricking us! Dennis continues to improve, but struggles with eating,  even though he is on a soft food diet.  The surgery required them to cut into  nerves connected to the lower lip, therefore creating numbness.   He also has numbness in parts of the chin.   We are hoping feeling returns to these areas, but there is no guarantee. It is like having Novocain at the dentist  and trying to eat or drink afterwards!   Not sure I have mentioned this before, but during the surgery they removed all of his bottom teeth except for one! This adds to the eating dilemma. It will take several months for healing and then a decision will be made on  what type of replacement – implants or dentures. Thanks to everyone for all you have done for us and your continued prayers and concerns. We have been blessed by the support you have shown us in so many ways! Thank you thank you! 

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