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genie bassett genie bassett

Continued thought and prayers coming your way!

Sandy & Gary Marth Sandy & Gary Marth

Hi to you both from Texas. Have been following your surgeries, sending prayers of healing and love. Hope it is hoping better since getting home. The road can seem tough at times but will get better. Just hang on to each other. Sending hugs of healing.💕💕💕

Jan Matkins Jan Matkins

Agree, this is super easy way to update friends on Dennis' progress & healing. Praying for wellness & healing for Denny and encouragement for both Denny & Jan.

John Isaacs John Isaacs

These updates are very informative and very useful. And a good way to keep lots of people abreast of what is going on. Plus encouraging.

Lana Ringus Lana Ringus

Jan & Denny, glad to hear the news has been good. Keep up the good work, both of you. We are in Maui, so really feel out of the loop. Will continue to pray for your whole family. We love you.

Jan Matkins Jan Matkins

Recovery from surgery can be tough, but each day gets better! Sending you cheers for a speedy recovery!

Holly Heying Holly Heying

So glad to hear of the great progress,with all your love and support Dennis will heal. You 2 have been so kind and good to my family. I wish you all the strength and healing to make it through! Love you,Holly

Craig westendorf Craig westendorf

Keep up the recovery !! Sounds very encouraging so far. Out thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Jan Matkins Jan Matkins

We are in Bozeman having our Christmas w Sally & family so I am slow catching up on emails. So glad to hear you are recovering nicely.

John Isaacs John Isaacs

Jan and Dennis - thank you for the encouraging good news. May he have a quick recovery. And speaking of desiring to get out of the hospital, should you have the chance, see the movie Breathe about someone with a different disease whose greatest desire expressed over and over was to exit the hospital.

chad richey chad richey

Glad to hear you are getting stronger and praying God helps you heal from the surgery. On a more favorable note, it looks like the grain markets have bottomed! Hang in there and we'll keep looking for updates.

Chad and Lynnette

Kevin Smith Kevin Smith

Dennis and Janice
You are in our thoughts and prayers as you recover from surgery. So glad to hear you are doing so well. Sending much love your way.

Kevin and Kristin Smith

Jeri Dockhorn Jeri Dockhorn

Sending good vibes your way! Speedy recovery!
Jeri Dockhorn

Julie & Wally Julie & Wally

Hope each day gets better! Hang in there. We are thinking of you.

Susan Heitbrink Susan Heitbrink

Glad to hear your surgery went so well, and you are on the road to recovery! Continue to "fight the fight",
and you will be home soon!