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Deuce's Heart Journey

Chris Jr. (Deuce) is our heart baby. He has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). This is his journey.

Latest journal entry

Posted 2019-01-08T02:36:19Z


Just one day shy of an 8 week hospital stay, we hav been cleared for discharge. To God be the Glory!

This experience has been so frightening but Chris Jr. beat all the odds. We’ve had an amazing care team despite our difficulties. I’m so ready to bring my baby home. He’s been through so much. Sadly, his journey isn’t over. We are already preparing for his next heart surgery. Our life for the next couple months will be extremely different but it will be worth it. Chris Jr. is going home on 12 meds, a g-tube, and a crazy feeding schedule. Thankfully, we have some resources to assist us with this transition. I have my baby home. My baby’s going home. We’ve literally lived in the hospital for the last 8 weeks.

Saying goodbye is bittersweet but we are ready. Thank you for keeping my son in your prayers and keeping my family in your hearts. We wouldn’t have made it without your encouraging words and thoughts. Thank you for following our journey.  

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