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Posted 2018-11-21T19:59:08Z

A Husband, A Dad, and A Servant's Heart

 *Dad's Heart*

My heart is overfilled will joy from the love and support of Deuce's village; we are forever grateful to you all. Through this trial my heart has raced, slowed down, and at one point it felt like it stopped all together. It stoped when I thought I lost him. It slowed when I thought he was out of the woods and then the Doctors saw something else. It raced when Deuce started moving for the first time in a while. All these emotions and feelings are wrapped inside me. I wanted to scream, shout ,and even sob. Yet through all theses emotions, God is still faithful and we are still standing.   

*Husband's Heart*

Throughout this journey, Meissa and I have been tested beyond what we could ever have imagined. The thought of losing our love, our son, Deuce was unbearable. God brought us closer together through tears, laughter, and prayer- not only for Deuce but also for our family and our marriage. We got through this by slow dancing to the hum of our voices, singing to whatever worship song came across You Tube ,and binge watching Desinated Survivor (which you have to check out for real). We took the time to make sure that no matter what-our love, our relatioship, and our friendship were still good and growing. This is how we are surviving this trial.

*A Servan't Heart*

I would like to thank God. He was with us throughout this journey; he said he will never leave us nor forsake us. He will always be there for his children. Honestly, this situation really tested my faith. It shook me to the core.  it had me asking God, "Why?" it made me angry and even asked, "How could he?" What I needed to understand was that God's plan was bigger than mine. He's Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. He knew the outcome before we went to the hospital. He knew that Deuce would be fine.  It was us losing our mind becuase we couldn't hear or see him. God doesn't always come as we expect  1Kings 19:11-12 talks about it. We expect God to come with a THUNDEROUS BOOOM like Thor striking his Hammer against the ground, but most of the time, God comes in when we are at the quietest point in our lives.  He shows up through trials, tears, axiety, heartbreak, the loss of a loved one,and when everyone has turned their backs on you. God shows up. There's an old saying "Sometimes God will allow you to hit rock bottom so that you can discover that HE is The ROCK at the bottom."




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  • Melissa Jeanty
    Melissa Jeanty

    You better preach! *waves napkin*

    one year ago · Reply
  • Alicia Pittman
    Alicia Pittman

    💜 No matter what we may think, he never gives us more than we can handle

    one year ago · Reply