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Posted 2018-11-28T07:05:00Z

Dad : Focus on the finish line

It has been so much going on these last couple of days from getting the MRI done and waiting for the results dealing with Doctors, Nurses and everyone in between, then getting the results that NO parent wants to hear: that their Baby had a stroke. That literally broke my heart once again knowing the damage that a stroke can cause.  After we got the news, we both held each other and realized this might be a long road ahead but this is what we signed up for:  loving a child through it all, ups and downs, and everything in between. I imedately called my parents and my father picked up the phone. The interesting thing about this is that my Dad had a stroke when he was 19 years old, in the prime of his life, and it was back in the early 70's way before a lot of the modern medcine of today.  The first thing he said was it's going to be okay and reminded me that God has this. So one thing that helps me is focusing on the finish line. We are going to have tough days. We are going to have trials and set backs but if I can just focus on the finish line-him one day running and playing and talking my ear off . If I can focus on how he'll ask me for advice about life and his first girl crush. Focus on the graduations, the accomplishments, and most importantly the future. We never know what our true finish line is but we do know that if we live our life accordingly-by being kind to people, loving on the loveless and enjoy the adventure along the way-you will reach the finish. When you reach your finish line, you will fill accomplished, fulfilled and daggone satified that you made it-made across the finish line.      




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  • Rachelle Ross
    Rachelle Ross

    Thanks again for the update tell Jr. that his Des Moines family is praying for him and your entire family, tell your dad that his cousin Rachelle said hello and I love him, your faith is strong in the Lord, there is power in prayer. Love you Rachelle

    one year ago · Reply