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While in the waiting area of the hospital, we met such genuine strangers. They shared with us this simple and easy way to connect everyone to our father. Please feel fre[...] read more

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Posted 2010-11-08T04:47:00Z


So Dad is back in the hospital. He's been here since this past Thursday when the ambulance took him to Stanford Hospital.

After a half day in the ER, he was transferred to an ICU unit on the second floor of the hospital. There, while waiting to see him at every even hour for a half hour, we met some caring strangers who were also there for someone in the same unit. 

One lady told us about her son's site, this site. And we want to thank her and her family for showing us this link and to her son for creating this.

We kept bumping into them as the days went on. We joked around with the patient's husband as we all waited in the waiting room. Before he and his family left, he came over to do a prayer with us. It lifted our spirits and made us grateful to meet him.

Prayer is so powerful. We hope that all our loved ones and every one who cares will pray with us for our Dad.

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