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Doug Devine

On March 14th 2008 I had a siezure while driving truck, by God's Grace I was able to get pulled over and nobody got hurt. I was soon diagnosed with two brain tumors one a[...]

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A Birthday and an Accident

Hi everyone,

The last week has been busy for Doug. We celebrated his birthday last week with a small party, pizza, and cake. All of his grandkids were in attendance, so it was a surprisingly energetic party. I think it all wore him out pretty bad as he's been sleepy and confused. On Saturday he had another fall which resulted in a broken ankle. He keeps thinking he can stand up or move himself, which is proving very dangerous for him. He is in a boot now, so hopefully that will serve as a reminder to stay put. It is quite a journey for him to make it into the clinic or ER, so hopefully he won't have to do that too much. 

We appreciate all your donations and well wishes. Thanks for following along.

- Doug's daughter Lindsay