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Posted 2014-05-18T00:23:00Z

Welcome to Posthope

Welcome to Doug's Posthope site.  Some family and friends feel it's time I swallow my pride and let them help us with this on-line benefit for Doug's care.  I won't go into that detail but just know medical coverage for someone in Doug's condition is pretty sad after a period of time.  This site is not to replace his Caringbridge site.  He takes pride is creating that pretty much by himself.  I'd like to keep that going.  I will use this to update his current condition.  I'll start with last week.

Earlier in the week I left Doug after getting his lunch setup.  I was at work and got a call that he had fallen out of bed. first question was is he hurt.  Yes, his chest landed on the trash can.  His left wrist, which he can't use well to begin with is swollen and bruised.  The left side of his chest is very bruised and sore.  Thinking he cracked some ribs again.  On Friday he had a chest x-ray.  Of course results had to go to La Crosse.  Not sure when we will know this.  Poor guy, from what they tell me how they found him slumped over the trash can and one leg still stuck in bed.  No wonder his is sore.  I'm glad he didn't hit his head.  The two CNA's on his watch felt awful.  They do a great job caring for him, just something that happened.  Doug has been instructed some do's and don't's but will he remember is the problem. Forgets things very quickly.  He was doing okay today.  Tired and still sore but no headache.  

Thanks to those that have taken time to visit him.  He appreciates it.  Just remember short visits.  Sorry if he falls asleep on you. All the medication he is on causes most of that.  

Post Doug a message if your able.  He will like reading them.  Doug and I thank you for your support for his medical care.  We appreciate it very much.  As he always signed off......God Bless......Mary & Doug



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