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Lynn Molina Lynn Molina

Hi, Thom, and Merry Christmas! It sounds like you are doing fantastically well in your new program and I loved seeing your updated pictures! I look forward to the posts (thank you, Sonny, as you are a God send!) Brandy and Domi send their love, too! Brandy and his wife, Shelly, are expecting their first baby in March...a little boy. And Domi and her hubby have two little boys, Oliver who is 5 years old and Adriano who is 15 months. Needless-to-say, they keep us on our toes! My thoughts and prayers are for you to have a full recovery and you have been so brave...look how far you have come in the past 11 months! Love, as always! Lynn

Paul J Pappas Paul J Pappas


It's been a long time since we traveled with the Math Team to all those contests. Remember the trip to Atlanta when the pilot announced in flight that the team had won first place at the Math Tournament? That was quite an experience! Lot's of fun over the years.

Our Mathematics Department at Berkeley was a fantastic group and you as our calculus anchor...... well, you are the best!!!!

As a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus, I have been offering special prayers for you, wishing you complete recovery and peace in your heart. Know that you are not forgotten...... our fifteen years working side-by-side were very special, full of great memories and fun times.


Paul Pappas

Jordan Burgess Jordan Burgess

Dr. Morris,

I'm sending you so so many warm thoughts and prayers. I've been following your progress and find really inspiring. You're an incredible human.

A little update. I'm graduating from Stanford in two weeks and will (hopefully) go play professional volleyball somewhere in Europe. I'll take the MCAT in January and go to med school within the next five years. I think of you often. You are the only professor I have ever had who taught me to think, to truly think, and I'm forever grateful for that. You made a HUGE impact on every student that was blessed to work with you (although I'm pretty sure we didn't feel quite as blessed when we got 60s on our AB tests, lol).

I sweep the corners every day, and, I still don't do drugs. Sending you so much support. Dr. Morris, you're the man. Keep fighting.

(Jordan Burgess)

Sarah Cohen Sarah Cohen

Dr. Morris,

Do your homework and get better. I'm no longer a math major, instead I'm creating a programming language to make it easier for people to learn to program as a computer science major. So while I might not do my homework, (not now, not ever), I might be on the other side of the table soon shaking my fist at kids who aren't putting enough effort in. Also: I summer at Google and every time I find I bug in my code I think to myself, Sweep the corners! You mean a lot to a lot of people and you're going to get better so work hard and do your best.

Sarah Cohen '14

Susan Geraghty Susan Geraghty

Hi Thom,
Wishing you the very best and continued progress. Randy and I moved to Hiawassee, Georgia, after I retired last May. We are enjoying the mountain life. The weather is perfect right now and very conducive for boat rides on the lake. I am able to visit the grandchildren (Chip's kids) often, and I look forward to their visits to Georgia.
Keep working hard as I know you will never give up.
Love and hugs filled with prayers,

Sean Khant Sean Khant

Dr. Morris,

Definitely thinking and praying for your rapid and healthy recovery. I am confident that the same spirit and resolve that helped drive me during high school will propel you forward each and every day throughout the rehab process. Best wishes!

Sean Khant (Class of 2002)

Bernie Jackson Bernie Jackson

Great job, Zookeeper! I'm thinking of you all the time and wishing you hope and strength. Just had an idea: I will recite trig identities daily in your honor. It will be like a math prayer. Keep pushing the envelope, friend.

Michael Spurlock Michael Spurlock

Dear Dr. Morris,

I am praying for your rapid recovery and am impressed as always with your strong spirit and determination. Keep pushing forward each day with your rehab process.

God bless you,

Michael Spurlock (Class of 1999)

Betsy Astolfi Betsy Astolfi

Hi, Thom,
I am thinking of you and praying for your recovery every day. Of course, with your strong will to propel you each day, you are on the road to recovery.

The love and respect that our alums have for you-- and I am talking hundreds and hundreds of them-- is a testament to your gifts and hard work over the years on their behalf. Now they are all pulling for you. Keep going-- we miss you. Love, Betsy Astolfi

Kay Weiss Kay Weiss

Dear Thom,
Just wanted to let you know that I have been saying a few prayers for your speedy recovery.
I am glad your students and others are coming to visit often. Think of each day as an adventure. Hope your hard work will get those new brain connections working! My Mom had a major stroke also, so I know how frustrating the healing process can be. But, you have always been a hard worker, and we are all pulling for you.
I have now officially retired from Mu Alpha Theta. I am enjoying my free time and have been to see my children and grandchildren often since December.
Stay strong. I think of you often.

With love and hugs,

Kay Weiss
Kay Weiss

Greg Miliotes Greg Miliotes

Dr. Morris,

Keep you spirits up and push forward! I know you will have a strong recovery and am sending all my positive thoughts and prayers to you.

As I hope you know, there was no other teacher that had the lasting impact on my education than you. The care, motivation, and thought you put into teaching mathematics and guiding students is second to none, and you had a significant impact on my life and learning process...through math club on the weekends and pushing me in the classroom during the weeks. Those were formative years, and you had a lasting impact!

Way out from California, I am thinking of you, and wishing you a strong and speedy recovery! I know you can do it - keep a positive attitude and push yourself to get healthy fast.

All the best,
Greg Miliotes (Class of 1992)

Stephen West Stephen West

Dr. Morris - Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you get better soon. As one of the sharpest and most strongwilled people that I have ever met, I'm sure you will be back on your feet in no time. Please let me know if you need anything.


Lynn Molina Lynn Molina

Hi!!! You have been in my thoughts and prayers each and every day!!! I know you have the strength and willpower to push through even on the toughest days. You used to tell the wrestlers that it had to come from within... and you were so right. The next time I am in Tampa, I would like to visit if that is okay with you. As always, love
Lynn Molina

Shera L. Haliczer Shera L. Haliczer

Der Mr. Morris,

I was sorry to hear about this challenge and wishing you all the best. You made such an impact in the lives of so many students including me. Be well and know I can still do math problems thanks to you. :)

Best wishes,

Shera Haliczer

Adam Lauring Adam Lauring

Wishing you strength and determination as you work on your recovery. You are in my thoughts and thank you for all that you did for me so many years ago.
- Adam Lauring (class of 94)