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Progress and Plans for Dr. Woods' Return

Dr. Woods has been unexpectedly out of the office since end of April, 2015. One back surgery occurred in May and a second is scheduled for end of August. We created this[...] read more

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Posted 2016-03-09T21:53:30Z

Back at Work!!

I know it has been a long time since I posted and this time is GOOD NEWS!

I returned to work part-time in December, 2015 and am finally working 4 -5 days a week now in March. I am so HAPPY to be back and seeing patients and families that I missed seeing while I was on medical leave.  Dr. Brannon worked extremely hard trying to see her patients and my patients and I know some of you returned to your primary care physicians.  I am thankful to all those doctors who helped take care of patients while I was out. 

I wish each of you a Happy St. Patrick's Day and a Happy Easter!  Call our office for a visit if you need us-864-305-1662


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