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Get well wishes for Edna

A place for Holics and others to contribute well-wishes for Edna's recovery

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What this site is for; crowdfund URL

Hi Holics (and others),

This is a place for you to leave messages and well-wishes for Edna/Christy. Things that I have been told are helpful:

  • dirty jokes
  • {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}

You can upload photos to the posts, so please feel free to post things like the David Duchovny teacup photo or the Gillian Anderson in latex one. Or cute animals. Cute animals always work. I recommend quokkas.

Here is the link for the fundraiser: 

Anything you can contribute is helpful, but please do not feel pressured. You can also help by spreading the word on social media.

Thanks for stopping by! Weeb!

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