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A life well loved and lived

Dear friends and family,

As many of you know, our mother, your friend, sister, colleague, daughter and much more, passed away yesterday, October 4th.  She was surrounded by love. 

Elizabeth was surrounded by the love of her sister Amy, who bought a one way ticket when Elizabeth entered hospice and was by her side every step of the way.  Amy was the first person at her bedside every morning, a registered nurse and midwife, Amy gave us all peace of mind as she guided our mom and us through this process.  Elizabeth was also surrounded by the love of Amy's husband Chris, who sat patiently in the cafeteria of the residential hospice, updating us all on the latest developments on MSNBC.  His presence was a constant source of strength for us all.

Elizabeth was surrounded by the love of her brother Jim, who we were so furtunate to have with us when Elizabeth moved into the hospice on Tuesday, Septmeber 4th. Jim was visiting from Minneapolis were he lives with his wife Margeret and very energetic sons, Julesy and Jossy.  Julesy and Jossy gave our mom endless joy.  Hearing about their antics and lego endeavors brought a smile to her face during a difficult transition. 

Elizabeth was surrounded by the love of her sister Sue, and Sue's wife Nurit, who made the trip from Philly many times over the last year and a half, and especially in the last month.  Sue brought with her religious and spiritual support, as well as the many well wishes from family and friends in Israel.

Elizabeth was surrounded by the love of her mother, Claire Levi, the matriarch of the Levi clan, who's strength and grace never faltered as she said goodbye to her daughter.

Elizabeth was surrounded by our love, the love of her daughters.  We don't have the words for this loss, but we are comforted by the time we had with her and the knowledge that her journey ended peacefully and full of love.

Elizabeth was surrounded by the love of her many communities, the family, friends and colleagues who texted, emailed and even snail mailed their warm wishes and kind words of support, compassion and love.  We have been completely overwhelmed by the many messages received in the last 24 hours - our mother was respected, loved and cherished by the people in her life. 

In lieu of flowers, Elizabeth asked that people so inclined make contributions in her memory to Building with Israelis and Palestinians, an emerging NGO made up of a community of Jews, Muslims, Christians and other people of faith around the world who are focused on tangible projects that increase quality of life and increase trust.


Emma, Stephanie and Hannah

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