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Posted 2017-02-03T17:14:20Z

Goodbye Steep Steps! - Back Porch Project -February 25th

The large steep steps need to be removed from the back of Meg and Ed's home. Smaller, manageable steps and a landing will be built to replace them. There will be no labor costs, as friends and family are working together and bringing their tools and skills that day. We would like to off-set the material cost ($840) for Meg and Ed. Donations through this site go directly to Ed and Meg for this project. Thanks for helping these treasured friends. [...]

Posted 2016-12-08T22:44:00Z

Thankful for you

Thank you for uniting to help our dear friends. Thank you for the positive thoughts and energy you are sending their way and the prayers you are sending up. Thank you for offering to help on their home projects, whether it be with muscle or dollars. All of it helps and together we can ease the hardships that inevitably lie ahead. The first two projects will be adding ramps on the front and back of their home. I will post pictures and continue to update everyone in the coming weeks.[...]