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Ed Gray

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July 20

During the past week Ed has experienced various complications.  He has a blood clot in a major vein in his liver and has retained fluid in his abdomen.  The fluid was drained, but is returning and he is receiving daily shots for the blood clot.  He had another CTScan and MRI and the prognosis was not good.  There is a large tumor in his liver and pockets of bile throughout the liver.  After his case was presented to the tumor board at Moffitt, a consult with the oncologist at Mayo and an oncologist from M.D.Anderson, the Drs have decided that giving Ed chemo would be of more harm to his body than the cancer. Ed is in no pain and said he was dreading the chemo, its side effects, and more prodding and probing of his body.  So we have accepted this decision.

Ed is eating very little and is weak, but still able to up and about, enjoying sitting on the deck looking at the water, outings each day, and of course being with family and hearing from friends.

Please keep Ed and our family in your prayers. 

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