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Posted 2019-11-28T19:29:14Z

Positive but Belated News...

I've been procrastinating typing this because the hunt and peck typing method I'm using with only my right hand is so frustratingly slow! My last MRI was October 7th. Dan and I were both bracing ourselves for the results. I was concerned that the July 20th MRI results were becoming a new trend. We were ecstatic to hear my oncologist say "You could overlay both scans because they look exactly the same." It felt like I had a new lease on life! So my tumor remained stable-No growth in 3 months! Secretly I was hoping there may have been a decrease in size, but I know that was wishful thinking. Oh well, a girl can dream...

Now I understand what a lot of cancer survivors say: You live in the windows between scans.

Team Eden: Thank you for the delicious and nourishing dinners you've been bringing over. Dan has been working so hard around the house basically doing everything for all of our meals. My only major contribution being making salads, cutting up fruits and veggies with a very cool adaptable cutting board that one of my OTs showed me. These cutting boards are great for people who cannot hold whatever is being cut. It has a few different pieces on it to keep whatever you're cutting up in place, as well as suction cups on the bottom to hold the board in place on the countertop. Another helpful item I never knew existed! Very cool. Huge thanks to Deb for organizing the dinner sign ups and helping to keep me busy with fun outings!

Also, I am now on long term disability. As I understand it, once short term disability hits 6 months, you move onto long term. So I now have a fair amount of free time, in between doctors and rehab appointments. Sometimes this feels quite isolating. I'm so very thankful to friends new and old who have gone on walks for coffee or lunch, or come by to chat and laugh with me. I'm appreciating that I have the time now to spend with my beloved friends and take longer trips into Chicago. But only with the help of my Air Marshals: Dan flies into Chicago with me and Hillary flies back to Seattle with me and makes it a mini vacation here. I don't fly alone right now. It's harder than I ever thought to get through an airport and through security with a wheelchair and to and from the bathroom on an airplane with a cane.

Oh, I turned 50 since I last posted! Dan threw me an absolutely wonderful birthday party at our new house in Port Ludlow. My mother in law came in from Florida. David, Karen and Eli (Dan's brother, our sister in law, and nephew) came into town from L.A to help celebrate with us. It was a really nice opportunity to dress up like a princess! It was very timely because I felt like it was a celebration of life and the love I feel all around me, especially since my diagnosis. During my 2-week visit to Chicago in October, my sisters, Hillary and Libby, and my mom planned a really fun celebration in the Chicago area and invited many of my childhood and high school friends. It was a really wonderful visit. Mike (my brother in law) and my nieces also came into town to celebrate with me! Our Port Ludlow house, which is my dream to have a beach cabin fulfilled, has turned out to be a really magical place. All relaxation, very quiet and sleepy. Our neighbors there are lovely and super helpful. I get a lot of reading, drawing and painting in. We've seen eagles and otters from our house so far. Ben (Dan's college friend and marine biologist) foraged for seaweed and oysters just behind our house in the Puget Sound to cook up during his visit. Neighboring towns are fun to tool around in, good restaurants. We've been spending about half of our weekends there, since it's only about 1.5-2 hours away, including the ferry, which is still my favorite part, unless there's a long ferry wait. We discovered that there's a lot more ferry traffic going over there on the summer weekends!

Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for all of my loved ones and sunny November days.

Until next time,


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