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Eden's Updates

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Latest journal entry

I'm the midst of cycle 2

It's been a while! Eden has been doing really well so far, and life has become somewhat normal - a new normal. And all of a sudden it's 2017. Hope everyone is having as good a new year as possible. We're on the verge of making America great again, so that's happening.

In all seriousness, it was six months ago today that Eden was diagnosed with brain cancer, and we're just processing that. Though time does fly fast, it sort of feels like a lifetime ago. Hard to really wrap our heads around it. She had surgery on July 21, radiation in Sep/Oct and then first round of chemo in Nov/Dec, and here we are in round 2. A whirlwind. We are very much focused on the day to day. Eden is staying as active as possible, the girls are in school and doing lots of extracurriculars, and I've been working hard. Oh, and as of yesterday (six months since seizure), Eden can drive! It's great not to be the only driver in the house!

Eden is handling chemo pretty darn well. There's a 2 week period during each cycle (which we are in right now), that is the toughest. She had her IV drug last week concurrent with a 2 week dose of an oral chemo. That 1-2 punch makes her tired, feel like she's got a flu for a few days, and messes with her GI. But we're nearing the end of that 2 week period. Then she'll have a rest week before the next IV and another few days of crappiness before a couple of weeks of more rest. She's just doing it - and making it look easy. We're still seeing friends, going out to dinner, playing games, and laughing as much as possible.

Each week, different friends have been preparing and bringing by delicious meals. It's even more nourishing that it comes from the heart. And many of you - both near and far - have given the gift of nourishment through Munchery, and that's been wonderful.

Judy and Paul are coming to visit from Florida tomorrow. We are so excited! It must be love that they're willing to spend a week in cold, dark, rainy Seattle in January away from the warmth of south Florida. It will be fun.

Eden really appreciates the walks, drop in visits, and all the myriad ways friends have been supportive and loving. And I appreciate it too from the bottom of my heart. Love to all.