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LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2023-07-31T18:29:12Z

July 2023

It’s been awhile my beautiful friends, family, and fans :)  and I have to say, I’m loving doing scans less frequently, every 6 months! I wanted to update y’all on my most recent MRI scans on July 24th. My friend Molly joined me for my appointments. Thank you Molly! 

 Okay I’ll get to it… My scans continue to be stable, but the extra great thing is that the dead brain cell debris appears to be getting gobbled up by the immune system “pac man” cells called macrophages.  So this makes about 2 years now that my MRI scans have been stable. 

PT and OT continue of course. My daily step goal is now at 3,500, which is basically a round trip to and from University Village, where I often meet up with friends for a meal, juice or coffee. And I’ve decided I will get back to focusing on  my goal of running again. 

I’ve been keeping busy playing chess with my chess master virtually-finally feeling like I’m getting better . At least he says I’m really improving. We had talked before about me entering a live (as opposed to online) chess tournament this summer. 

I’ve also kept up with my glass fusing and slumping classes, now going on about 2 years, and I'm learning new techniques all the time. 

I’ve also been taking a lot of trips to Greenville, SC to visit my parents and Libby, Mike, their girls and their grandsons, 

Other exciting things going on in my life: My beach house in Port Ludlow is FINALLY listed on airbnb, VRBO, and the Vacasa websites as a short term rental!I t’s been rented out every night in July and will be in August as well. The property management company handles just about everything out there, since it’s over an hour away from Seattle. 

Oh, I also went to see the Barbie movie last week. I had low expectations, which were completely surpassed. So funny and light. And what a powerful message for girls! In Barbieland, women run the show vs The Real World, where the Ken dolls discover it’s the patriarchy. Kate McKinnon is perfect as the “Weird Barbie”, whose hair was chopped off, she wears non-pink unmatched clothes, and is permanently stuck in the splits. I wore the pinkest shirt I could find in my closet. No we did not do the Barbenheimer double feature. Oppenheimer another time, I guess?

Enjoy what’s left of the summer and stay hydrated (a constant struggle for me, I don’t know why)



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