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Get updates on Eden's progress and wish all the Z's well.

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Food delivery - amaze

Thanks for the massive food delivery effort.  If you're looking to help more, easy one! Come hang out. 

This summer Dan's working, Eden's hanging. She'd love to see you or go out. Text her at 206-794-3838. It doesn't need to be a biggie. A stroll or coffee is great.

Or you stop by.  5002 37th Ave NE ,  (Very close to Met Market.)

Eden is doing... the same. Frustratingly the same and also miraculously the same. 

Her left side still has paralysis but the huge improvement is in how she has learned to maneuver around it.

She's so athletic -- she's really done A++ work with the PT and OT to be as independent and as mobile as possible.  

If you're coming by to head out somewhere, there's really nowhere she can't go. If it is super far she has a very lightweight wheelchair but most of the time we can get anywhere and she walks.

Thanks friends.  I left some meals up because those are always helpful too and might work better for some.





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