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LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2021-02-23T22:12:13Z

Quarantine Update #4

Hi beloved friends and family,

I hope your 2021 is going well so far. Better than 2020? I just had an MRI and I'm beyond thrilled to share the results (Warning: I've completely overused exclamation marks) Many of the lesions that were enhanced in prior scans have either shrunk or are not as enhanced, which is a sign of less metabolic activity. Even my doctor said I was looking stronger. And I haven't received any treatment since March 2020! So this is super excellent! Dr Taylor thought the lesions that were lighting up on prior scans may have been tumor cells and/or "collateral damage" to normal brain cells (postradiation necrosis) from my 2016 proton therapy that are dying off. So basically, these are the best scans I've had in 3 years-I almost can't believe it! 

I'm also excited to share the news that I've gotten my first Covid vaccination! In the state of Washington, I qualify because I'm over 50 (hard to believe it I know), and I have a full time caregiver. It only took me hours and hours of searching online for an appointment and then our dear dear friend, Deb, got online and was somehow able to find a few open appointments in a nearby suburb. Smooches Deb. 

My PT and OT seem to be going really well. I've noticed alot of improvement in myself. I'm trying new adaptive tools in the kitchen to make life easier. It's amazing what's out there for people who only have the use of one side of their body. And my OT is a genius with workarounds and helping me in adapting to life, until I rebuild and strengthen the motor neurons on the left side of my body. 

Before I sign off, I'm going to brag about one thing: I recently asked my naturopathic doctor for any suggestions on how I could improve my mobility. He said that there was some data in stroke patients using cranial acupuncture. Yes, that's in the head. I ran this by Dr Taylor. She didn't find any conclusive data in brain cancer patients that their mobility had improved nor did she have any concerns about my trying it out, so she said if I wanted to try it it's up to me. I gave it a few weeks of thinking and got to "why not? I really have nothing to lose." So last week, I went to my first session. Dan joked that I was going to look like the pinhead from the 1980s movie "Hellraiser". But honestly, it was not terrible. He started with two needles on the upper right side of my head and one in my right hand. I've always been squeamish about acupuncture, like anywhere on the body. So I'm proud of myself.  I have 3 more weekly sessions scheduled, and the plan is that we'll build up from 2 needles. That's all the exciting news I've got. Until next time, stay healthy and keep wearing your masks so we can all get back to having each other in our homes, dining in restaurants, hugging each other and traveling on airplanes without fear. 

xoxoxo, Eden

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