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Our unborn daughter, Eliza Eliana, was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition: anencephaly. We believe that every life is a perfect gift from God and we have faith t[...] read more

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For My Husband on Father's Day

First, I want to thank-you for the love you have for me and our children. You are supportive and active in our lives. You encourage, pray over us, and love with a fierce unconditional love. Last year we celebrated our first Father’s Day with our son in our arms. You look amazing as a Dad and holding your mini-you, well there’s not a more attractive site. Nine months ago, we expected to be celebrating this Father’s Day holding two babies. There was supposed to be a mini-you and a mini-me. You would proudly carry both your babies in your arms and I would smile watching you try to juggle the two together. Yet, though we do have two babies now, a mini-you and a mini-me, you will only have one to hold this Father’s Day.

Our daughter, our beautiful Eliza, gave us 34.5 of the most wonderful weeks. She made us parents of two perfect children. She is and will always be our daughter and you are and will always be her Daddy.I have no words that are adequate to express how much I love you or how your strength has helped hold our family together through this. Our children are so incredibly blessed to have you for their Daddy. 

A Father is called to be so many things for his children. He is called to sacrifice for them, to protect them, and to love them from day one. You have done just that. But this year you were called to do something beyond your own strength, beyond anything you ever thought imaginable: this year you were called to be a Daddy for your dying baby girl. This year you were called to give a child back to Heaven. You held my hand when the doctor gave us the news; you held me through all the tears; you prayed with me over our baby every night for God to heal her; you kissed her goodnight and whispered sweet words to her that I couldn’t hear, even though they had told us that she couldn’t hear our voices. Then, the moment she was born, you held her with me as her tiny heart stopped beating and we said goodbye. You cared for me and continue to care for me through my recovery. Together we kissed our daughter goodbye and closed her casket for the final time. You lowered her tiny casket into the ground and held my hand as it was slowly covered.

This Father’s Day people will celebrate fathers for so many reasons and in so many forms. Each will all have their own special purpose. Yet, for me, there is no one more worthy of recognition than you, my husband, the father of my children. You may not feel strong, I know I don’t, but you are. You have allowed God to work through you and He has strengthened you beyond your own capabilities. Thank-you for being the spiritual leader of our home. Thank-you for being our children’s Daddy and thank-you for being the godly man that you are.

This Father’s Day we may only have our son to physically hold, but our daughter is waiting for us and she knows her Daddy loves her. So this Father’s day we will celebrate the father you are to both your children.
All my love and respect,
Your Wife

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