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Posted 2018-12-23T03:13:00Z

the calm after the storm

Whew, today was a day we could all take a deep breath. Ella had a good good day. 

Early this afternoon, the respiratory therapist, doctor, and nurses all extubated(Took breathing tube out, shut off sedative medication) Ella. The Doctor kept commenting on how "Fiesty" she is, and as they pulled the tube out she sure let them have it. They placed an NJ Tube to keep her digestive juices going, but she will continue getting most of her needed nutrition through IV. They also placed an NG tube which is sucking air/gas out of her belly, making her less distended. She seems much more comfortable today despite both her nostrils having many tubes in them. She is still on oxygen, post extubation for her safety. Her oxygen levels have been great so hoping to move her to room air tomorrow. 

Braden came and visited this afternoon. He and Ross snuck off downtown to take a break from these four walls, and spent time in a large hockey store close by. Ross ended up buying Camilla a tiny hockey jersey and I can see it makes his daddy heart happy being able to include her in his love for hockey!

My parents then came down with my three youngest siblings, and Camilla. What a relief to squeeze my sweet girl again. I keep thanking my lucky stars she is healthy and Oh, that red head personality too… I missed her so! 

Camilla will stay through Christmas with us here. Ross and I will switch between being downstairs in the Ronald McDonald house with camilla and upstairs with Ella, as Camilla isn't able to be up here in the ICU. Its a bit of a hassle, but that isn't stopping us from simply being grateful for being able to be together for the holidays. 

Of course I have times where lack of trust is present, and doubts fill my mind, but we truly feel the love each one of you has shown. As I tossed and turned last night trying to fall asleep, the tears kept coming as worry filled my heart. I decided to check my phone as it had dinged awhile earlier and it was a message from a dear friend, reminding me that "With God all things are possible". Your encouragement, love, messages, calls, and even hugs with distance apart… have meant the world to our family. As this Christmas holiday sneaks up on us, it looks a little different this year… but we are meant to be here and God will bless our Christmas, I trust in him. 

Hymn #50 / Verse 1 - 

Children here in grace abiding, / banish sadness and your tears. / We have reason to be joyful; / precious is our fortune here. 

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  • Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson

    What a sweet verse of a song, as a reminder. So happy Camilla and Ross can be there, given the back n forth to rmh. Christmas looks different here as well, with Carter still I'm the hospital and Pearl so sick. May God guide, comfort and keep sending these earthly angels. We hold you in love and prayers. God's peace! Allan and lisa Johnson

    one year ago · Reply