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Posted 2018-06-14T00:36:00Z

Message From Emily

I came through surgery with no complications. I look pretty awful, SERIOUSLY bad hair day, but am in manageable pain. Have a pain button, which is great. Need it big time when I stand.

So far, lymph nodes looked clear! Won’t get pathology on breast tissue or confirmation on nodes until next week. Can’t wait to hopefully breathe that HUGE sigh of relief, confirming that this was indeed prophylactic.

So far, on a scale of 1-10, my experience at Sibley has been a 10 (which isn’t to say I recommend it as your anniversary B&B). Incredibly kind people, meditation music and beautiful nature scenes on the screen as I was in pre-op, now huge, private room with big flat screen today. Geoff is happily watching his beloved Nats.

Really, all the love and support helped. I know there’s a challenging road to walk over the next weeks (and walking HURTS) but I’ll do it, get on with my life, and be the better (and healthier) for it.

I’ve received endless encouragement on this site.  Received flowers from Linda and Klyde, an Amazon card from my awesome Learning Support team, and an offer to bring dinner this weekend. I take none of it for granted and am so grateful!

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Comments (6)

  • Jessica Muenter
    Jessica Muenter

    Thanks for letting us know how you are doing. I wish I could bring you dinner! Will have to think of something else! Love, Jess and Knud

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Carol Sellers
    Carol Sellers

    So glad that surgery is over and you are on the road to recovery!! Lots of love to you and Geoff.💌

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Lynn Karpay
    Lynn Karpay

    I'm glad the surgery is behind you! Great news so far!!

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Marcia Lebeau
    Marcia Lebeau

    So very happy to hear this is all behind you. We know you will only be totally relieved when you receive the pathology report, but your response to the surgery so far is a great indication of your attitude about getting on with your life. Attitude is everything!!!

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Morag MacDonald
    Morag MacDonald

    Hi Em, Love your comment about having a "bad hair day". Sounds like you are doing incredible well all things considered! Hope you continue to heal quickly.Sending you much love and as always holding you in my thoughts,prayers and meditations. Love to Geoff. X

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Carolyn Stanek Lucy
    Carolyn Stanek Lucy

    Hope today goes well, too, and that you're coming home as expected. Love to you both!

    3 years ago · Reply