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Kristine Field Kristine Field

Thinking of you always and sending you hugs, strength and healing thoughts.

Katy Karnell Katy Karnell

Hey Em and Geoff-Just thinking of the two of you today! Get well so that you can start planning a trip to Belfast!

Linda P Brown Linda P Brown

Hi, Emily—much love to you from Linda in Brooklyn. It was only today that I realized why I wasn’t getting emailed updates: I was supposed to click on the link to the blog! And I was rewarded with your picture—looking remarkably god for someone whose mind and body have just undergone a major ordeal.

May the next phase go as smoothly as possible.

xxx Linda

Eileen sellers Eileen sellers

Emily you look wonderful. I am so happy to see you ! You are doing so great..I am very impressed and proud of you..keep hanging in there !!! And take pain killers when available ...Geoffrey thanks for the photo and update..I imagine you are exhausted from the past week as I have experienced watching and worrying about loved ones too but now that Emily is looking and doing great you can feel better too....Love, Leenie

Samantha K Samantha K

We are so glad you are back home, and we are thinking of you and sending all our love, Em!!! Geoff, thank you so much for the updates and for taking such good care of Emily! 💜💜

Peter Anderson Peter Anderson

Hang in there Emily -- with your courage and the benefit of a community of supporters there are definitely brighter days ahead.

Laura Merriman Laura Merriman

Awesome news on all accounts. It must feel good to be home!! Sending big hugs for a continued smooth and speedy recovery.

Rosemary Lubinski Rosemary Lubinski

Congrats, Emily! Proud of you. Get well quickly so we can do lunch again this summer.

Jon Rothstein Jon Rothstein

That’s a stellar report, Em. Hoping results continue to be positive and recovery is swift. Mountains of love from J, A & D here in Park Slope. Glad we got that visit from you guys before the big day. Looking forward to seeing you again once you’re on the other side of this truly momentous and courageous moment in your life.

Patricia E Talbert Smith Patricia E Talbert Smith

Emily Dear,

Hooray for being on the other side of today's surgery...Whoo HOO!

So proud of you, and so glad you know that the pain button is your friend!!

Sending (air) hugs and LOTS of love,


Ellie Power Ellie Power

Em, I'm so glad you came through okay, and that the initial tests look clear. Sending healing love and energy... and some hair product? Love you mucho mucho. xoxo - Ellie

Eileen sellers Eileen sellers

I am very relieved the surgery went well and is finished. Now for the healing...I love both of you and will be hoping you get strong pain killers to make the next days more comfortable. Thinking of both of you...Love, Leenie

Debbie rosenthal Debbie rosenthal

Ron and I are thinking of you and hope you are able to sleep some tonight. Glad the surgery is over. On to the next step in your recovery process.

Ron Rosenthal Ron Rosenthal

I am glad the surgery went well. Rest and feel better soon. I love you. Love Ron