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Posted 2014-12-29T11:24:23Z

Increased chance to win the diviner's outfit

You've got an increased chance to win the diviner's outfit, Divination fallen stars and Divination XP lamps this week. They'll still be on the Squeal of Fortune after that, but your chance of winning them will be much lower. Everyone gets at Runescape Gold least one spin per day, and can earn more rs gold through gameplay. Come on!

1. Skill pendants are now removed from the Squeal of Fortune. If you already have one of these items you will need to click on it in your inventory to claim the bonus XP stored within it, converting it into a cosmetic version in the process. If you have a prismatic or prized prismatic pendant, you will first need to click on it to select the skill you wish to convert it to.
2. Recharge gems are also removed, and can simply be clicked once and redeemed for bonus XP in a skill of your choice. They do not yield a cosmetic item when consumed.

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