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Posted 2016-03-18T01:11:46Z

One. More. Left.

Well, tomorrow is my last chemo. I kind of can't believe it. I feel like it has gone so fast and yet really slow at the same time. I don't really know how to explain it....It's like, you are really tired for a few days, have symptoms for a week or so, then you have to plan your next weeks lessons and realize while you're planning that you have to make sure it is something the sub will understand. On the other hand, six months is a long time to have to go through that pattern. So, see? Fast AND slow. :)[...]

Posted 2015-11-07T18:27:51Z

Chemo #2

Chemo #2 was a little over a week ago. It was quite a different experience than my first chemo treatment. For starters, because I knew kind of what to expect I was able to better prepare myself for the after wave. A couple of days ahead of time I got my body feeling good and I took great care of my mouth. This worked out great. This time, unlike last time, I didn't have that first initial sick day. Yes, I felt ill, but I didn't actually get sick. YAY! My mouth also didn't get near as bad. I was able to eat much more easily without having to eat so many mashed potatoes. Although I love mashed potatoes, not having to need to eat them everyday is a great feeling! My body still doesn't feel completely normal, but hopefully by Friday (my next treatment) it will.[...]

Posted 2015-10-24T06:17:23Z

Chemo #1

Okay, so my first chemo treatment was nine days ago. So last Wednesday.

I didn't update right away because I wasn't feeling well or was tired. But then when I was feeling better I was being lazy and not wanting to get my computer out or write down my feelings. Soooo I will always be a procrastinator. That will never change. ;)[...]

Posted 2015-10-09T03:01:28Z

Stage 2B

So this week I had a Pulminary (lung) test, a PET scan, my teeth cleaned, an echocardiogram (heart) and an appointment with my oncologist at which I had a surprise bone marrow biopsy. Did you know that along with the bone marrow they take a piece of your bone?! OUCH! And of course me and my body are so tough that the first time she tried to get some bone she didn't get enough so it had to be done a second time... just like when I had my needle aspiration. My body doesn't seem to like needles.[...]

Posted 2015-09-29T02:11:00Z

I Have Some News

Well, I don't know how to start this post other than just to say: I have Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

I honestly don't know much about it because I have been doing great at staying away from google! I don't know what stage or anything big yet. I just know that I have it. I have an appointment with an oncologist Wednesday morning, so I will be able to tell you more about Hodgkin's when I update you in a couple of days.[...]