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Posted 2015-10-24T06:17:23Z

Chemo #1

Okay, so my first chemo treatment was nine days ago. So last Wednesday.

I didn't update right away because I wasn't feeling well or was tired. But then when I was feeling better I was being lazy and not wanting to get my computer out or write down my feelings. Soooo I will always be a procrastinator. That will never change. ;)

The actual infusion went really well. My mom brought a lot of yummy snacks so I was basically eating the whole time. When I wasn't eating I was doing a sudoku puzzle or I was coloring in my awesome adult coloring book. And adult coloring books are a little bit intense. So many small spots to color... and I even got the one that looked like less work!

After I was finished I went to the gift shop and looked at hats. Let's face it.... I'm going to be a hat person. Don't know how often I'm going to want to wear a wig, but hats seem comfy. AAANND if you ask my Papa, I look great in hats. 8P

Got the the CVS in Mesquite and started feeling sick. bummer. That whole night was a sick/bossy night. I felt like all I could do was be sick and boss people around. I then apologized for being bossy and my mom said she will allow it for three days every other week. How awesome is she?! But really I don't know that I was so much being bossy as I was feeling sick and needing to tell people things fast. Now, don't read this and think "oh, poor Erin." It really wasn't as bad as I was thinking it could be. It could definitely be worse. Let's just hope that I am able to prepare and prevent most of those worst case scenarios!

The days went by and my mouth got really sore. Everything in my mouth. Sore. So I was kind of on a baby diet. Smooshed foods. lol. My Mom prepared each meal for me. What a great chef I have! She tweaked things for me if something didn't work, and the things that did work she made a lot of for me to freeze on days I need something to eat but don't feel like cooking.

Yesterday was my first day that I felt strong enough to get through the day without a nap. I think it is because I was able to sleep through the whole night without being restless and waking up. Oh my goodness, you can not imagine how excited I was when I woke up and the clock said 5AM!!! Smile on my face all day excited! So much so that my last class of the day asked me if I was feeling better today because I looked like I was happy. One of my sweet bilingual second grade classes of course. I mean, I love of of my classes, but I just have such a connection with my second grade bilingual classes. They get me. We spent part of that class communicating in duel languages. They'd ask a question in Spanish and I'd answer back in English. It was so cute. They were so impressed with me. I mean, I got applause and everything! Imagine if I could answer back in Spanish. :) I might have to learn to speak the language. 

Today was also a great day. My whole body feels basically normal. HOORAY! Worked all day, went and did a second pulmonary test because they didn't do everything they were suppose to do last time, and then went to my high schools homecoming football game with my two high school best friends. Lauren Kamper Shotts and Robin Zapotocky Rodriguez. Big thanks to them for going along with my crazy high school nostalgic self and playing marching bass drums in the poring rain. Y'all are the best!!!

AAAANNNDDD this weekend is going to be AWESOME!! I will see my Patterson family tomorrow to celebrate the marriage of my incredible grandparents. Also, another shout out to Papa because not only is he an awesome grandparent who has an awesome marriage, but he is an awesome Papa who picked up my mouth medicine for me while I was at work. And wow that stuff works great!!! Then after lunch with the fam I get to go to a Hanson concert. AND THEN on Sunday I am going to another Hanson concert!!!!!!!!!!!!

HANSON!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Hopefully I don't loose my voice this year.... but come on guys, I just can't control my inner/notsoinner fan girl! SO EXCITED! LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Lots of Love.


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Comments (3)

  • John Patterson
    John Patterson

    Congratulations. You are getting into some really neat grooves. Everybody would like to take your discomfort for you. We cant, So we try to do errands and favors for you. You have to let us do this because it makes us really happy. We also love your independence. It means you are feeling well. When you are happy, we are happy. When you are not happy or uncomfortable, we go into speed drive. PS We also understand bitchey. Granny says it is a woman's prerogative. Just remember, its like you kick Penney and she looks at you like "What the hell!" But still wants to be close to you. Also remember, you will most certainly have a chance to "pay it forward" some day. You will see opportunities to do favors for others. Some times serious ones, sometimes just little fun ones. You will know when, because you are now looking through the green eyes. You are doing things for your kids right now, some will remember you when they are older and talk about you like you do about your favorite teachers. So cool. Things are getting smooth. PS Being fluent in Spanish would be so cool. You certainly have the "immersion" opportunity.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Jane Zapotocky
    Jane Zapotocky

    So glad for the update as I was wondering how often your treatments would be. I assumed they might be every other week. Everybody is crabby when they are even just a little bit sick, so don't give that a second thought. So glad you girls got to go to the game and have some fun! Let me know if I can ever do anything for you. Prayers still coming from this family!!!

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Irene Wills
    Irene Wills

    Proud and so glad that you seem to weathering the storm! I hope the concerts were awsome! Saw your photos of your Grandparents's celeberation on facebook! Wonderful! You keep plugging and I will keep praying! Love you! Irene Love those Bilingual classes. High five those precious Second graders for me!

    4 years ago · Reply