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Our Ethan is a fighter!

This is a site to update all our friends and family about Ethan's progress after his diagnosis of Type One Diabetes on Easter 2016. This is a complicated disease and it h[...] read more

Latest journal entry

So many milestones!

First, our boy "promoted" from 5th grade to middle school.  I have no idea how I already have a child ready for middle school, but somehow that is the case. We think this summer will really build his independence with diabetes care and prepare him well for middle school.

We had our first post-diagnosis camping trip over Memorial Day with part of our little village. Ethan did a great job managing his lows in the forest as he explored. He did temporarily lose his Dexcom receiver while frolicking in the meadow during the festival but an unknown angel found it and turned it in to lost and found. So we had a Festival Miracle!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of a milestone in his T1D care with his first pump class at the Barbara Davis Center.  He should be using insulin pump therapy by the end of the month.  This transition comes with its own set of challenges but also its own set of freedoms. We are looking forward to it.

And we'll end with some great news.  Ethan's A1C today was 6.3%, well within his goal range.  While it is probably largely attributable to his "honeymoon" period, we'll take it. The A1C is a much better measure of the diabetes long game than our daily rollercoasters and it feels good to jump up out of the trees to see a forest.

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