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Posted 2016-11-08T01:53:07Z

Let's catch up...

It’s been so long since we’ve updated the blog I figured I should. I hope someday I’ll be able to look back on this blog and see how far we’ve come in our journey with Everly.

Since our last blog in August a few things have happened:

• Everly turned a year old!!!! What a miracle!!! (((ugh, seriously! Wow!))) We had an amazing pumpkin patch party with a great turn out! I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

• Hudson started preschool- working on helping him talk more- he’s loving it and making new friends!

• I’ve gone back to working at the hospital, PART TIME! Yay! (but oh so scary financially…) Gotta make my babies my priority and make as many memories as possible. Time with Everly has never been a guarantee and I can't help but feel like I gotta soak up every minute I can. 

• Donnie is focusing as much time as possible on forging and metal working- he’s got natural talent and making so really cool stuff!


Also, last month Everly had a heart cath, a pretty stressful one actually. If they weren’t successful with intervention during the cath we would have been looking at another dreaded open heart surgery… but we are in wonderful hands in Omaha and they were able to put stents in her pulmonary arterties and open them up. We were so relieved!!!

Everly has another heart cath next week though. Hopefully just to “peek” and make sure everything is where is should be and working right.

Our entire family has been battling colds for what feels like forever now (in reality only a 3 weeks.) I think we are all starting to feel better finally. Poor Ev got the icing on the cake this weekend and has pink eye too. She’s a champ though and colds and pink eye barely phase her- she’s been through so much worse. Donnie and I on the other hand are fighting for the “who’s sickest” spot and who can go to bed first. Lol! We’re just tired but really what parents aren’t…. It's funny because most of our "fights" since Ev's been born tend to revolve around sleep- we both want more!!! 

We are looking forward to the holidays this year and being able to spend time with family again! It was so hard to be so secluded last year. Dreading Christmas shopping… crowds, spending money we don’t have and all the germs! Wish us luck with staying healthy thru cold and flu season. We did win the battle with insurance for Everly to get Synagis this year again- it's the RSV "vaccine" although it doesn't really prevent RSV just lessens the blow if she did get it. Thank God we got it approved! Here's to keeping Ev out of the hospital this cold and flu season!!!

Officially kicking off the holiday season with the Harvey’s this weekend! Yay!

Take care y’all! I’ll update again next week after Ev’s cath!

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