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Posted 2018-08-28T23:25:20Z

UPDATE: Faith's First Meetings about the Radiation ...

Dear Friends:

Today (Monday, August 27) I had two radiation appointments. The first was a session with the radiation oncologist, who said that a 30% chance of cancer returning to the same place is the justification for post-surgery radiation. There is thus only a 5% chance that it comes back to the same place in a ten-year span. As you might imagine, he said that the procedure is much better and safer than years ago. Based on a range of patients’ reactions, he listed possible side-effects:[...]

Posted 2018-08-02T01:33:00Z


Belinda left and Michelle came today!

Michelle made ground provision soup, with ingredients she brought in her suitcase. (She, in her own words, traveled like a higgler!). She also traveled with homemade bread and gifts.[...]

Posted 2018-07-31T16:39:00Z

The Diagnosis ...

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA, USA

Click here for driving directions.

Hello, Rhonda here! Faith will likely take these over, but today I'm posting!

Faith's surgeon is Dr. Claire Cronin (I Googled her after Faith's 13 July 18 visit; check these websites for info on her training and areas of expertise: and Dr. Claire shared that she writes creative non-fiction, particularly essays and memoirs on health. She studied creative writing at Lesley University and is friends with Rachel Manley![...]