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Posted 2018-08-02T01:33:00Z


Belinda left and Michelle came today!

Michelle made ground provision soup, with ingredients she brought in her suitcase. (She, in her own words, traveled like a higgler!). She also traveled with homemade bread and gifts.

I made cocktails and we ate on Faith's porch. We laughed, and listened to music, and told stories.

We ended the day with an evening constitutional (ie: walk) around Jamaica Pond.

I know that Faith's diagnosis and surgery are the reasons that brought us - Belinda, Michelle, Faith, and me - together over these last two days, but perhaps these are only the reasons why we're together RIGHT NOW. Yesterday and today, all of us felt and shared love, joy, laughter, and friendship. Perhaps we needed to be reminded of these reasons.

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Comments (3)

  • Annie Paul
    Annie Paul

    Where's the love button?

    2 years ago · Reply
    • Rhonda Rhondula
      Rhonda Rhondula

      In our hearts, Annie ... Sigh ...

      2 years ago · Reply
  • Giselle Anatol
    Giselle Anatol

    I wanna push the "Love" button, too! :-) heeheehee hee hee hee

    2 years ago · Reply
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